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Steel Wall Framing

At BetaBoard, we stock a wide range of metal steel wall framing and metal stud ceiling materials for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Browse our products below to see why BetaBoard is one of Brisbane’s leading steel framing suppliers.


Steel Framing Suppliers: Steel Wall Framing and Steel Stud Ceiling Products

Rondo DUO Grid - These practical steel stud ceiling systems can be easily assembled on site and meet the design codes of both Australian and New Zealand building standards. Complete with a range of sections and complementary parts, the DUO Exposed grid ceiling can be used for multiple design needs.

MAXIFrame - This lightweight steel ceiling framing has been designed to carry and support greater load than regular metal stud ceiling products and can be used for external wall systems, window and door jambs, dual exterior cladding, and more. 

Shaftwall - Our Shaftwall stud framing products are ideal for areas that can only be accessed from one side, such as elevator shafts, ducting and stairwells. 

Plasterboard Access Panels - Rondo Systems access panels are available as standard or architectural and can be used in both residential and commercial applications. Panels can be purchased in standard or custom sizes. 

Acoustic Mounts - Rondo Systems acoustic mounts and clips help to reduce the transfer of noise through walls by affixing to a wall frame. These essential elements of any drywall system are suitable for a variety of metal stud wall framing applications and are tested in compliance to both Australian and New Zealand building codes.

Steel Framing Angle - These heavy-duty angles can be used to strengthen corners of a steel stud wall, especially in bulkheads or areas with heavy wind. 

Reveal Beads and End Caps - Our reveal beads provide a strong finish to windows as the beads are built to withstand harsh UV rays. These beads are available in various lengths and can be painted over to match the wall. Rondo end caps are effective for wall ends, internal balustrades and window openings.

Intex Clips - These adjustable channel clips are ideal for uneven areas that require furring channels. It allows the furring channel to clip on a surface area and eliminates the need for shimming.

Rondo Key Lock System - The Rondo Key Lock steel ceiling framing system is manufactured to create a high quality structure with either a feature or flush finish for your plasterboard ceiling.

BMT Wall Framing - Rondo’s steel wall framing varieties provide a durable, practical and lightweight structure for internal plasterboard walls and for specific external walls. This versatile steel wall framing system is available in 0.50 and 0.55 BMT Rondo wall studs, 0.75 BMT Rondo steel stud drywall framing system, and 1.15 BMT heavy gauge steel studs.


Steel Frame Suppliers

For leading steel framing suppliers Brisbane wide, shop with BetaBoard today. You can browse our range of metal ceiling frames online, head to your nearest store or get in touch with our plaster supplies team for any further questions about the products we have available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use metal studs for framing?

Yes, metal stud wall framing is a very common method of framing. Metal studs are commonly employed as an alternative to traditional wood studs due to their various advantages. Metal studs come in various gauges and sizes, providing flexibility for different framing needs. A metal stud wall is particularly suitable for interior applications, partitions, and non-load-bearing walls. However, for load-bearing structures, it's crucial to consult with a structural engineer to ensure your stud framing will provide proper design and support. Contact the steel framing suppliers team at BetaBoard to have any of your questions answered.

What are the advantages of metal studs?

Metal studs offer several advantages in the construction of walls and ceilings. Firstly, they are lightweight, making them easier to handle and transport compared to traditional wood studs. Metal studs are also non-combustible and resistant to warping, rot, and pests, resulting in longer-lasting structures. Their consistent quality contributes to more precise construction, ensuring a uniform framework across all steel stud wall and steel stud ceiling applications. Additionally, metal studs are recyclable and come in a variety of sizes and gauges, allowing for maximum design flexibility. If you have any questions about the suitability of metal studs, contact the steel framing suppliers team at BetaBoard today.

Can you mix metal stud framing and wood stud framing?

It is very common to see a mix of metal and wood studs within the same project. This hybrid approach allows for strategic use of materials based on specific requirements. Metal stud wall framing is often preferred for their durability, uniform look, and fire resistance. On the other hand, wood studs may be chosen for their cost-effectiveness and compatibility with certain construction methods. Metal stud framing might be used in areas prone to moisture, whereas wood studs may be used where their natural insulating properties or ease of modification are needed. Combining these materials requires careful planning from a skilled professional to ensure long term structural integrity and adherence to local building codes, but when done thoughtfully, it allows for a customized and efficient construction approach.

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