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Plasterboard supplies

Buy plasterboard supplies

Great spaces begin with the sturdy walls and ceilings that surround them. USG Boral supplies a range of lightweight and cost-effective plasterboard supplies to help you create, design and build. Select from SHEETROCK® Plasterboard to fit-for-purpose technical boards, and multi-performance linings to suit your application needs.

Drywall Plasterboard for Standard Walls and Ceilings

Our standard walls and ceilings are available in either Sheetrock or Wet stop, in sizes 10mm and 13mm. These plasterboard supplies have a strong core, which reduces the likelihood of blowouts. SHEETROCK® Ceiling Boards offer greater sag resistance and are stiffer than standard plasterboards, which reduces the chances of long term ceiling creep.

Technical Boards

Our Soundstop® technical boards are good for reducing noise between rooms. It’s available in both 10mm and 13mm options and can be used in residential and commercial projects. For the home, it can help reduce noise from loud areas such as cinema rooms, to create a more harmonious environment. It’s also popular in office spaces, bars, restaurants and music halls.


USG Boral Partiwalls® are one of the most common separating wall systems used in homes, villa units and townhouses. These cost effective and easy to install partiwalls are available in single and double layers and is suitable for projects ranging from duplexes to multi-unit developments.

Brisbane’s leading plasterboard supplies and accessories

Looking to buy plasterboard supplies Brisbane & Ipswich wide? Browse our full range below to request a quote online or find your nearest store to browse in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between plasterboard and drywall sheeting?

Plasterboard goes by many names around the world including ‘drywall’, ‘gypsum board’ and is often colloquially known by brand names including ‘Gyprock’ or ‘BORAL Plasterboard’. In Australia, the most common term is ‘plasterboard’ or ‘plasterboard sheeting’. Both drywall sheeting and plasterboard are made from gypsum mixed with water and spread between two large sheets of paper.

What are the benefits of plasterboard?

There are several benefits to utilising plasterboard sheeting for your home or commercial project including that it can easily be painted over, it doesn’t require sanding, it is easier to repair, it is a cost-effective interior lining solution, it provides fire-resistance (depending on the type of plasterboard used) and it provides sound and temperature insulation.

What types of BORAL Plasterboard do you stock at BetaBoard?

BetaBoard stocks a wide range of BORAL Plasterboard supplies and accessories for standard walls and ceiling, technical boards as well as Partiwall. For more information or to buy plasterboard sheets with BetaBoard browse our range below or drop by one of our four locations today!

Name Description Size
plasterboard-catalogue.pdf 1.05 MB
lighting and_decoration guide.pdf lighting & decoration guide 894 Kb
achieving fire and acoustic compliance multires_whitepaper_usg boral.pdf achieving fire and acoustic compliance 3.15 MB
usg boral plasterboard installation manual oct 2016.pdf boral plasterboard installation manual 7.52 MB
fiberock msds.pdf fiberock msds 160 Kb
firestop_msds.pdf firestop msds 95 Kb
multistop 4 & multistop 4 hi_msds.pdf multistop 4 msds 156 Kb
multistop 5 & multistop 5hi_msds.pdf multistop 5 msds 156 Kb
multistop_3_and_multistop_3hi__msds_2019.pdf multistop 3 msds 96 Kb
plasterboard msds.pdf plasterboard msds 97 Kb
soundstop_msds.pdf soundstop msds 95 Kb
wr board msds.pdf wr board msds 96 Kb
shaftliner sds.pdf shaftliner sds 95 Kb