Need it Delivered?

We deliver to Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

With 30 years experience we are experts in delivering  plasterboard and building materials to Queensland job sites. 

With all deliveries safety is our priority
Our dedicated site inspector will visit your site first to determine the best and safest delivery method
For most plasterboard projects we supply a driver and offsider to deliver the board into the building
For upper levels we will arrange a mechanical lifter (manitou) at an additional charge
For crane lifts we will wrap and strap packs using approved engineered methods - at an additional charge

Delivery charge varies depending on size of order, distance to destination, the need for a manitou and time spent on site.

The following is a guide to our Brisbane Delivery Charges

   m2  length Incl.GST
Plasterboard Minimum Delivery Charge - Driver & Truck <160 m2 up to 3.0m sheet $132.00
Plasterboard Minimum Delivery Charge - Driver, Offsider & Truck <200 m2 up to 6.0m sheet $170.50
Plasterboard Delivery - Driver. Offsider & Truck >200 m2 up to 6.0m sheet $0.825 per m2
Manitou Lift - Minimum Charge - 2 hours including 1 hour travel time     $396.00
Manitou Lift - Additional Charge per hour on site     $198.00
Driver & Truck - Base to Base - per hour     $117.70
Driver, Offsider & Truck - Base to Base - per hour     $165.00
Wrap & Strap Charge per Pack


When requesting a quote through our online system there is no option for adding a delivery charge.
On receiving your request we will call back to discuss delivery date, time and special requirements.
The delivery charge will then be added to the quote and returned to you.