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Intex Bettafix Clips

Intex clips are designed to fix furring channel and battens to walls and ceilings whilst providing reduction in noise transmission and isolation from structure vibration. Try Intex furring channel clips from the Bettafix range today. Common industry uses include construction, building and drywall job applications. Furring channel clips are used in suspensions ceiling systems. A clip hangs from a channel to which a metal pan is attached. Furring channel clips are a special fastener made of light-gauge metal and used to attach gypsum lath etc. to steel channels.

Intex Clips in the Bettafix Range

The Bettafix range of Intex clips is made by Intex, a company founded in Australia in 1989 as Intex Drywall Systems. This over-three-decade and still ongoing legacy ensures that you are getting the highest quality, dependable accessories for your building and construction drywall projects.

Buy Furring Channel Clips at BetaBoard

Browse the Bettafix range of Intex clips available on this page. If you have any questions or cannot find exactly what you are looking for, get in touch online and our friendly experts will be happy to help you.

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