Architerctural Prefinished Wall Panels & Prefinished Cladding

With a market leading range of innovative architectural prefinished wall panels and prefinished cladding designed for both interior and exterior applications, BetaBoard is your one-stop-shop for architectural panels and cladding. BetaBoard only stocks the most reputable and well-known brands including James Hardie, USG Boral, Rondo, easycraft, and more. You can be sure that no matter what architectural prefinished wall panels you decide on, they will be made to last and look beautiful for years to come.

Our range of architectural prefinished wall panels and wall cladding utilises the extensive James Hardie range of totally non-combustible and proudly Australian products for the exacting standards and requirements of today’s modern buildings and structures.

The product range covers both commercial and residential requirements with innovative finishes designed "fit for purpose" while maintaining the balance required by building codes and ethical demands of the modern society. Our exclusive range offers you a selection of ventura timber effect, earth tone, commercial wall, commercial soffit, residesign, secura panel, firmwood aluminum, mantle earth, and wet area panneling. 

Prefinished Cladding

Products are available in full primary colour range or wherever your imagination takes you. Whether they’re for interior or exterior applications, BetaBoard has the widest range of products to elevate your building or design project.

All standard size James Hardie products are available or custom sizes can also be cut to suit your project. Just speak to any of our friendly team members at each of our 4 locations to have your cladding cut to order. If needed, we can also predrill your architectural paneling for exposed fixing.

Our Prefinished Cladding Range –

Ventura Timber Effect - New method of applying a painted natural timber look to James Hardie fibre cement sheets.

Earth Tone - Unique range of panels with a translucent finish to enhance the panel’s natural face.

Commercial Wall - This range provides an almost endless array of colours applied to James Hardie Exotec facade panels.

Commercial Soffit - A range of prefinished fibre cement products in opaque, solid or metallic finishes.

Residesign - The full range of James Hardie residential materials available in all finishes with 10 year and 15 year warranty options.

Secura Panel – 0.55 BMT to 3.00 BMT galvanised metal backed sheets for secure areas, with a prefinished front face of Villaboard or Versilux.

Wet Area - Wet Area is a range of James Hardie products prefinished in Stone, Marble, Mottled or Two Tone finishes.

Mantle Hearth - Mantle Hearth range is available in Stone, Marble, Mottled, and Two Tone finishes with a 15 year warranty.

Firmwood Aluminium - Eurowood Aluminium products consist of 3D batten and Fencing systems in powder coat or Timber effect finishes.

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