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Are you searching for acoustic mounts, assemblies, clips, and hangers to accompany BetaBoard’s wall and ceiling linings? Look no further! BetaBoard proudly offers a selection of top-quality sound isolating acoustic mounts and accessories from Rondo, a leading manufacturer of steel framing systems and accessories. All Rondo clips, mounts, and hangers offered here are compliant with the Australian National Construction Code (NCC) and New Zealand Building Codes (NZBC).

Key Features

  • Airborne and impact sound insulation properties.
  • Versatile and compatible with a range of wall and ceiling systems.
  • Simple integration with a simple, solid structure.
  • NCC and NZBZ Compliant acoustic solution for wall and ceiling systems.
  • Improved performance for plasterboard, acoustic batt, wall and ceiling linings.
  • Perfect for projects of all sizes.
  • An innovative design solution.

Order your sound isolation mounts, clips & assemblies from BetaBoard today!

Rondo Acoustic Mounts – A series of acoustic mounts and accessories that have been perfectly designed to complement a range of wall and ceiling systems. With several features and benefits including airborne and impact sound performance consideration, easy to install and innovative design, Rondo mounts are perfect for projects of all sizes that are in need of a sound isolation solution.

Have a question about any of our acoustic mounts, assemblies, and clips?

Browse our range of sound isolation mounts and accessories below or get in touch with our friendly team or visit your nearest BetaBoard location today for great prices and expert advice on all things sound isolation! With delivery available across South East Queensland, ordering our range of acoustic assemblies for your office or commercial building project has never been easier! Find out more today from BetaBoard - your leading building supplies Brisbane stockist of steel wall framing and accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do sound isolation clips work?

Sound isolation clips or mounts stop sound vibrations from passing directly between rooms by isolating the ceiling and walls from the building’s structure. The sound isolation mounts are fixed to the wall or ceiling framing with the rubber isolator decoupling the mount and the structure. The acoustic properties of the rubber isolator prevent sound energy and vibrations from passing through the framing into other rooms.

What is a resilient mount?

Resilient mounts, also known as sound isolation mounts, are used to increase the acoustic properties of a room by isolating the drywall from the framing.

BetaBoard has a wide range of acoustic mounts and clips, and all associated accessories. Buy online or at one of our 4 South-East Queensland locations.

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acousticmanual_web.pdf rondo acoustic design manual 951 Kb
rondo stud framing systems.pdf stud framing systems 1.45 MB
dm_complete2018_rv121018.pdf rondo design manual 15.45 MB
walls_secured2018.pdf rondo stud and track design 12.71 MB
wlkabt_web.pdf rondo walkabout design 584 Kb
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