Foilboard insulation sheets and accessories


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Foilboard is great for:

  • Insulating Under Timber Floors for both New and Existing Homes
  • Use as an all in one ‘Moisture Barrier, Insulator and Thermal Break’ for New Homes
  • Insulating against Masonry and Concrete Pre-cast Walls
  • Insulating underneath Concrete Soffitts
  • Insulating Suspended Ceilings
  • Insulating Cathedral Ceilings
  • Retro-fit Insulation for Sheds
  • Retro-fit Insulation for Unlined Verandah’s
  • Retro-fit Insulation for Panel Lift Garage Doors


Name Description Size
FOILBOARD GARAGE DOOR INSTALLATION.pdf Foilboard Garage Door Installation 1.34 MB
FOILBOARD INFORMATION AND DESIGN GUIDE.pdf Foilboard Information and Design Guide 3.24 MB
FOILBOARD CONCRETE PANEL INSTALLATION GUIDE.pdf Foilboard Concrete Panel Installation Guide 288 Kb
FOILBOARD THERMAL PERFORMANCE R Calc BV 70mm Frame.pdf Foilboard Thermal Performance Calculator 1 269 Kb
FOILBOARD THERMAL PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR Cladded Wall - 70mm Frame using Super 15.pdf Foilboard Thermal Performance Calculator 2 Cladded Wall 268 Kb
FOILBOARD INSTALLATION GUIDE RESIDENTIAL 1 Brick Veneer Cavity.pdf Foilboard Installation Guide Residential 1 Cavity Brick 497 Kb
FOILBOARD INSTALLATION GUIDE RESIDENTIAL 2 External Cladding.pdf Foilboard Installation Guide Residential 2 Cladding 498 Kb
FOILBOARD SHED BROCHURE.pdf Foilboard Shed Brochure 485 Kb
FOILBOARD Flexifast Flyer 3-10-2013w.pdf Foilboard Flexifast Fixing System 279 Kb
FOILBOARD ACCESSORIES Guide - 2017.pdf Foilboard Accessories Guide 553 Kb
Foilboard Accessories and Delivery Guide.pdf Foilboard Accessories and Delivery Guide 739 Kb
foilboardtechnicalbrochure (1).pdf FOILBOARD TECHNICAL BROCHURE 5.92 MB