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Easycraft Panelling

EasyCraft panelling produces a range of innovative, traditional, and modern panelling products to enhance your building or renovation project.

The EasyCraft range of profiled panels, are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to add a level of sophistication and design to any space. The perfect Do It Yourself Product, with instant results, perfect for a feature wall, upgrading the laundry, or redoing the kitchen. EasyCraft offer a wide range of Installation Videos, making it very easy to Do It Yourself.

View an inspiring collection of interior designs featuring EasyCraft panelling - A great way to visualise how you can utilise decorative linings and discover new and captivating ideas.

PLEASE NOTE: EasyCraft panels are only stocked at Loganholme. Products outside the stocked range may incur a freight charge from the supplier. 

What Makes EasyCraft Wall Panels So Good?

There are several benefits to using EasyCraft panelling for your building projects, which include:

  • Durable and built to last - EasyCraft cladding is incredibly durable, offering up to 300% more impact resistance than standard plasterboards. This makes them a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects, as it can easily withstand high volumes of foot traffic.
  • Easy to install and finish - As the name suggests, EasyCraft wall panels are easy to install and finish - which makes it very popular with DIY homeowners. EasyCraft also offers pre-primed DIY wall panels, so all you need to do is cover with paint and they’re ready to go.
  • Top quality - EasyCraft panels are specially manufactured to resemble timber as closely as possible, without the defects and vulnerabilities. All specially made with a consistent thickness, density, width, and length, and can be loaded with much more weight than a standard plasterboard.
  • Cost effective - As EasyCraft panelling is so easy to install, you’ll find yourself saving up to 50% of your time in labour. This significantly cuts down costs if you require a labourer, as there’s significantly less time involved with EasyCraft panelling installation in comparison to traditional plasterboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose EasyCraft Panels?

EasyCraft panels are durable and deliver up to three times the impact resistance of ordinary plasterboard, making them an excellent choice equally for commercial as well as residential construction projects.

Are EasyCraft Wall Panels Easy to Install?

Yes, they are, EasyCraft wall panels are easy to install, making them a very popular range of DIY wall panels.

What Are the Benefits of EasyCraft Wall Panels?

To name only the key points, EasyCraft wall panels provide improved durability and impact resistance coupled with exceptional ease of installation.

Why Choose BetaBoard as Your Local EasyCraft and Plasterboard Suppliers?

Looking at using EasyCraft panels for your building project? Check out our range of DIY wall panels online or get in touch for more information by contacting us online. Or you can browse your nearest store to chat about our range of EasyCraft cladding in person.

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