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Partiwall System – Overview

Partiwall sometimes commonly referred to as Partywall is the perfect solution for partitioning attached dwellings. As the pioneering system of its kind in Australia, the Partiwall system is now one of the most widely-used separating wall systems for attached villa units and townhouse developments. Featuring excellent acoustic performance, easy construction and design friendliness, the Partiwall system is an outstanding choice for projects such as side-by-side duplexes, villa units, and even multi-unit developments.

Essentially, Partiwall is a twin-stud system incorporating either a single or a double layer 25-millimetre SHAFTLINER plasterboard fire barrier contained within the wall cavity, developed to suit the normal framed construction process.

The Features and Benefits of the Partiwall System

  • No wet trades needed
  • Easy installation at the framing stage with no additional trades required, thanks to the panelised construction of the SHAFTLINER fire barrier.
  • Partiwall allows for an easy inclusion of utilities and services like switches, electrical outlets, light fittings and pipes inside the wall.
  • No special steps required with internal wall linings installed during plastering as per typical construction workflow.
  • Partiwall (Partywall) is cost-effective
  • Fast to construct


Click here to view, browse and order the entire range of Knauf Partiwall products available at five BetaBoard locations across Greater Brisbane in Rocklea, Brendale, Ipswich, Loganholme and North Lakes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Partiwall (Partywall)?

Partiwall, commonly referred to as ‘Partywall’ is a twin wall system for separating walls for buildings and is one of the most widely used separating wall systems in the Australian market.

What are the benefits of the Partiwall System?

Knauf Partiwall system offers a host of benefits including excellent acoustic performance and ease of construction and design flexibility making it the system of choice for many multi-residential townhouse projects.

How does Partiwall work?

In a conventional fire rated wall system, fire resistant outer linings provide protection to the wall substrate, in Partiwall, the main fire barrier is located within the wall cavity and is designed to protect the structure on the opposite side to the fire.

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