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Whether you need a standard Access Panel, or a specialised architectural panel, PANTHER® Access Panels are the perfect choice.

Designed and tested to meet the requirements of the Building Codes of Australia and New Zealand for both domestic and commercial installations, Rondos standard range features sound-rated and metal-face budget access panels that can be installed in both steel stud and masonry walls and suspended ceiling systems. Rondo fire-rated access panels can also be used in suspended ceiling systems. Although the panels come in standard sizes, custom sizes can be ordered.

Each access panel has been rigorously tested for both quality and performance, particularly in regards to fire ratings and acoustic ratings. The Sound Rated Access Panels have a polymer frame unique to Rondo which is 30% lighter and means they are easier and quicker to install, saving time on site.

Name Description Size
RON003_Access_Panel_Range_Flyer_V4.pdf RONDO ACCESS PANEL BROCHURE 3.07 MB
panther_secured2018.pdf RONDO ACCESS PANEL DESIGN 1.23 MB
DM_complete2018_rv121018.pdf RONDO DESIGN MANUAL 15.45 MB
walls_secured2018.pdf RONDO STUD AND TRACK DESIGN 12.71 MB
wlkabt_web.pdf RONDO WALKABOUT DESIGN 584 Kb
stud_ceilings_web.pdf RONDO STUD CEILING DESIGN 1.10 MB