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Metal access panel | Featured Image for ceiling access panels product category page.
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Rondo Ceiling Access Panels

Whether you’re looking for standard access panels, or a specialised architectural panel, the market leading PANTHER® Access Panels from Rondo are the perfect choice. We have a full stock of reliable and affordable ceiling access panels and accessories, including Sound Rated Access Panels, Metal Door Access Panels, and Manhole Frames.

Each of our ceiling and plasterboard access panels have been designed and tested to meet the requirements of the Building Codes of Australia and New Zealand for both domestic and commercial installations, Rondos standard range of ceiling access panels features sound-rated and metal-face budget access panels that can be installed in both steel stud and masonry walls and suspended ceiling systems. Rondo fire-rated access panels can also be used in suspended ceiling systems. Although the panels come in standard sizes, custom sizes are available for special projects.

Order your metal & plasterboard access panels, manhole frames & hatches from BetaBoard today!


Our Range of Ceiling Access Panels

Rondo Access Panels – Designed to meet the requirements of the Building Codes of Australia for both domestic and commercial applications, Rondo access panels have been rigorously tested for acoustic performance.

Metal Access Panels – Featuring a sound-rated and metal-facing design that can installed in both steel stud wall masonry walls and suspended ceiling systems.

Manhole Frames – The perfect complement to our range of ceiling access panels and available in a wide range of sizes for ease of installation and custom projects.


We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions about the suitability of our ceiling access panels for your project, get in touch with our team or visit your nearest BetaBoard location today for expert advice, service you can depend on, and great prices on plasterboard and accessories Queensland wide! The BetaBoard team are your trusted steel framing suppliers and we deliver to greater Southeast Queensland so you can get the access panels you need, when you need them!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard sizes of ceiling access panels?

Ceiling and plasterboard access panels are commonly sold in a range of sizes, however the most popular sizes found in Australian construction is 300 x 300mm, 450 x 450mm and 600 x 600mm. These three main sizes as well as a range of specialty sizes are all stocked at BetaBoard.  

What is the difference between an access door and an access panel?

Access doors and access panels are similar terms that are often used interchangeably, however there is absolutely a distinct difference between the two. Access doors have hinges attached to one edge that allow the door to swing open as any normal door would. This does however make the door non-removable. On the other hand, ceiling access panels are not fixed to the ceiling by a hinge or anything similar and are completely removable, allowing unrestricted access to the area behind the panel.

At BetaBoard we stock a wide range of ceiling and plasterboard access panels and doors. Browse our range online today!

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