Frequently Asked Questions

What do you Use for Plastering Walls?

There are several helpful plastering tools available for use in wall plastering to make your life easier. Browse our range of tools and plastering accessories, from hand tools, power tools, tapes to plastering beads and protection products.

Who Makes Plasterboard?

There are several plasterboard makers in Australia. Knauf Australia produces a broad range of plasterboard supplies that we distribute across greater Brisbane and South East Queensland at cost-effective rates. 

What is the Difference Between Gyprock and Plasterboard?

In short, there is no difference between gyprock and plasterboard. Plasterboard is made by setting a layer of gypsum plaster between layers of felt paper. “Gyprock” is a brand of plasterboard and is often commonly used to refer to plasterboard products in general.

Are Drywall and Plasterboard the Same Thing?

Fundamentally yes, drywall and plasterboard are the same thing just called by a different name.

Can I Put Plasterboard Over Plasterboard?

Yes, it is possible to bond insulated plasterboards over pre-existing, solid, dry and stable plaster using low expanding PU foam adhesives or an acrylic sealant adhesive.

Why is Plasterboard Used?

Plasterboard is flexible, resistant to fire, dampens sound and is also cost effective, making it an excellent choice amongst all the different building materials available for wall paneling applications.

Do Acoustic Panels Soundproof?

Acoustic panelling is a practical and aesthetic solution for reducing and controlling noise in building interiors. Acoustic panels absorb sound waves rather than reflecting them, decreasing the intensity of sound in the process. Acoustic panels attempt to “soak up” as much sound as possible.

What is the Difference Between Acoustic Panels and Soundproofing?

Whereas acoustic panels reduce, mitigate and control sound travelling through a room, soundproofing aims to prevent any sound getting inside a room from the outside and escaping it. Similar to waterproofing which makes a container “water-tight”, soundproofing aims to make a room “sound-tight” so to speak. Complete soundproofing is a technically difficult and expensive process. The goal of acoustic panels is to provide a cost effective and practical option for controlling sound levels within a space.

Do Acoustic Panels Really Work?

Yes, they do. The Autex acoustic panels provide an effective solution for noise reduction, sound pollution mitigation and echo dampening.

What Are the Best Acoustic Panels?

Autex panels, manufactured by Autex Acoustics are a range of decorative acoustic panels and a good choice for reducing and controlling noise in home cinemas, studios, office spaces, reception areas and more.

What is Easycraft?

Easycraft panelling is a range of contemporary panelling products in an array of styles from innovative, through traditional to modern. These panels are a quick and easy way of adding a touch of panache and an air of sophistication to any space, in a cost-effective manner.

What is Fibre Cement?

Fibre cement is a building and construction material used for roofing and façade products. Fibre cement is commonly used to make internal linings, external cladding, fibre cement underlay (as well as decking and flooring), fiber cement trim products and more.

How Long Does Fibre Cement Cladding Last?

Once installed, fiber cement panels can last well upwards of 50 years requiring very little maintenance. Compared to timber cladding, fibre cement is not vulnerable to rot or termites, further proving its durability as a cladding material.

Is Fibre Cement Waterproof?

Typically, fibre cement cladding is at least resistant to water and will not disintegrate when exposed to it. It can be made to be waterproof with additional treatment.

What is Wall and Ceiling Lining?

Wall and ceiling linings are the interior wall and ceiling coverings – an interior counterpart to the exterior “cladding”. Wall linings and ceiling linings are a durable option offering a superior range of finishes to match any home’s or building’s décor and style.