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Looking for plastering products? We stock the most comprehensive range of supplies such as compounds, and plastering adhesives available for delivery throughout the Greater Brisbane area of South East Queensland. Our range of plastering products includes compounds by Knauf, CSR, Hamilton, 4T, HB Fuller and the bestselling best value BetaBoard Base, topping and adhesive products. Discounts apply for quantity purchases of plastering products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Do You Need for Plastering?

  • Compounds - including a range of bedding and base compounds, finishing compounds as well as all purpose & patching plastering supplies with a variety of all purpose and toppings, caster plaster, ground gypsum, basecoat, topcoat and a selection of Boral DIY products.
  • Adhesives - featuring a range of adhesive plastering supplies for the installation of cornices, plasterboard to masonry bonding as well as back-blocking ceiling and wall joints. Our range includes cornice cement from Knauf, Gyprock, Maxbond and other industry-trusted brand names. We also stock stud adhesive from Knauf, Rocor and our own BetaBoard brand.
  • Sealants and Gap Fillers – including one part water-based construction sealants for seal joints and penetration where fire resistance is a requirement or where the sealant’s acoustic rating is important as well as neutral cure silicone sealants that do not corrode roof or gutter materials and more. We also stock other compounds such as Boral X-Block jointing compound.

What is Plaster Compound?

Plastering compounds consist of a variety of plastering products such as bedding and base, finishing as well as all purpose & patching plastering supplies with an array of toppings, caster plaster, ground gypsum, basecoat and topcoat to name only a few examples.

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Browse our range of plastering products below or contact us online if you are looking for something else specific or have further questions. You can also visit us in person at one of our five stores.

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