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BetaBoard are leading plaster cornice suppliers across the Brisbane and South East Queensland regions. We stock an extensive range of Knauf SHEETROCK® COVE and decorative cornice that will complement a variety of decors including classic, modern, and contemporary interiors.


Standard Cove Cornice

Our SHEETROCK® COVE light weight paper faced ceiling cornice from Knauf offers high strength design and is easy to carry and install. These cornices are a simple and effective way to streamline the look of your home and disguise any unsightly joints between your walls.

Decorative Cornice

For an extra touch of sophistication, we offer decorative ceiling cornice supplies available in 50mm, 75mm and 90mm. Whether you want something more traditional, or are going for a modern, sleek look, we have a diverse range of cornice in different styles and heights.

Brisbane’s leading plaster cornice suppliers

Looking for plaster cornice suppliers Brisbane wide? Request a quote online to buy cornice and browse our full range of ceiling cornice below or find your nearest store to browse in person. You may also be interested in our plasterboard supplies for standard walls and ceilings, technical boards and Partiwall products.


Frequently Asked Questions


What type of plaster cornice supplies are available at BetaBoard?

At BetaBoard, we stock a wide range of plaster cornice supplies from leading brands such as Knauf. Browse our Standard Cove and Decorative Cornices below.

What is cornice made from?

Cornice can be made using a variety of materials. At BetaBoard our Knauf cornice are formulated using a gypsum core, encased in a strong 100% recycled paper lining and are manufactured to stringent Knauf product quality specifications.

What is the best way to transport cornice?

Cornices can be fragile, and it is best that they are supported along the whole length during transport.



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