Sanding Sheets & Supplies

Sandpaper Sheets & Sanding Supplies

Sanding is essential to achieving a smooth finish and allows paint to evenly disperse without falling into ridges or attaching to bits of wood. Available in different grits, sanding sheets can be used in everything from woodworking projects and furniture to timber floors and or removing varnish.

Sanding sheets are commonly available in the following grit sizes:

  • 40 to 80 grit sanding sheets: This type of sanding sheet is good for rough sanding and smoothing down small surface ridges.
  • 100 to 150 grit sanding sheets: This sanding sheet is good for small to medium sized projects such as removing varnish or sanding furniture.
  • 180 to 220 grit sandpaper sheets: This finer grit sanding sheet is ideal for removing scratches.
  • 320 to 400 grit sandpaper sheets: Very fine sandpaper sheets used for removing scratches and sanding between coats of finish.

Power sanding equipment

Need to sand large surface areas? Power sanding equipment is the solution. We offer dustless sanders, power sanders and dust extractors to ensure smooth, polished floors without the mess.

Sanding Blocks

Sanding blocks are ideal for getting into hard-to-reach places and are better for evenly dispersing pressure. This makes sanding more efficient and produce for more even surface.

Benefits of Sanding

  1. Sanding can even out ridges or smooth uneven surfaces.Sanding makes surfaces better to paint on, as it removes areas paint can get stuck.
  2. It can remove wear and tear, leaving a surface to look brand new again.
  3. Sanding floors removes the possibility of splinters, which are both unsightly and dangerous.
  4. It improves the look of furniture, woodworking projects and timber floors as polish attaches easier.
  5. Increases the longevity of wooden floors as it buffers out wear and tear and makes it easier to polish.
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