Architectural Cladding & Acoustic Panelling

Architectural ceiling | Featured image for architectural cladding product category.
Architectural ceiling | Featured image for architectural cladding product category.
Architectural ceiling | Featured image for architectural cladding product category.

Architectural Cladding and Acoustic Panelling

At BetaBoard, we stock high quality architectural building materials ideal for both residential and commercial projects. These market leading architectural supplies not only meet stringent building codes and regulations, but are visually stunning, available in gorgeous finishes such as marble or timber.

BetaBoard architectural cladding is designed to cover exterior walls, while also delivering a unique opportunity for a homeowner or business owner to express their personal style. Our architectural cladding provides an additional layer of protection to a building, offering resistance against harsh weather elements. These architectural materials feature a UV protective coating, engineered to withstand the tough Australian sun.


Our Architectural Building Materials

Acoustic Panelling

Whether it’s for a home cinema room, or a multi storey music hall, our acoustic panelling offers superior reverberation patterns for optimum sound performance. Our range of Autex acoustics are a practical, aesthetic solution that will reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors.

Architectural Panelling

If you’re looking for architectural panelling that offers a striking visual effect, why not check out our range of prefinished wall panels, available in timber, metallics and two-tone finishes for that extra wow factor. Our Ion Aluminium is also a popular choice for homes and commercial projects, as it offers a unique decorative touch that instantly elevates the look of a modern building.

Our gorgeous range of trendy, stylish Stratopanel architectural wall panels are a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to your home. And all of these great looks can be brought together with our EzyJamb door frames. Whether you’re looking for a cool, steely finish, or want to breathe some warmth into a building with some added touches of nature, we have the right architectural materials to suit your style.

Architectural Cladding Suppliers

Looking for architectural wall panels for your next project? Browse our extensive range of architectural supplies online or contact our architectural cladding suppliers via our online form if you have any questions about the right cladding and architectural panelling for your desired finish.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Architectural Cladding?

Architectural cladding refers to the external surface layer of a building or structure, and the purpose of cladding is to provide insulation, protect the building from the elements, and to look good. Cladding can be made of a variety of different materials, from natural to synthetic, and can be used on new and existing structures. If you’d like to learn more about cladding in buildings, contact the BeatBoard team today.

What is Architectural Panelling?

While cladding is used to enhance the function and looks of a building’s exterior, architectural panelling is used inside to create partitions and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of a space. Architectural wall panels can also improve acoustics and serve as thermal barriers to improve the performance of cooling and heating systems in a building. Contact BetaBoard today to learn more.