Rondo Wall Framing and Rondo Wall Studs in 0.50 & 0.55 BMT

Rondo wall framing system | Featured Image for the Rondo Wall Framing and Rondo Wall Studs Product Category Page of BetaBoard.
Rondo wall stud | Featured Image for the Rondo Wall Framing and Rondo Wall Studs Product Category Page of BetaBoard.
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Rondo Wall Framing and Rondo Wall Studs (0.50 & 0.55 BMT)

Introducing the advanced Rondo wall framing system, comprised of a series of durable and reliable Rondo wall studs and tracks. The Rondo system provides a durable, practical and lightweight structure for internal plasterboard walls and for specific external walls. The hemmed stud and track sections stand out as a testament to innovation, prioritizing both strength of your finished frame, as well as safety during the installation process. Our range features various sizes of studs and tracks, as well as a 0.5BMT flexible track, allowing the Rondo system to suit most situations.

Rondo wall studs and tracks offer a comprehensive range of features that make this the superior drywall system. The hemmed return lip is designed to increase rigidity and to prevent unwanted rotation while eliminating sharp edges. Furthermore, a vertical rib in the stud face allows for the wall linings to be centrally placed to ensure easier and faster fixing than before, all the while the deeper knurling provides for better screw location and retention. The precision engineering of Rondo wall studs ensures a perfect interlocking mechanism, creating the industry's best boxed stud profile.

Furthermore, Rondo wall framing systems are meticulously crafted to meet and exceed building code requirements. Whether addressing fire-rated, acoustic, seismic, or load-bearing demands, Rondo delivers reliability and performance across various applications. For added convenience, Rondo wall studs in 0.50BMT and 0.55BMT feature punched bell-mouthed service holes along the studs, eliminating the need for grommet fitting.

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