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Ceiling System Image | Ceiling Systems | Exposed Grid Ceiling Systems & Concealed Grid Ceilings Page Featured Image

Are you looking for ceiling systems? BetaBoard provides an excellent range of exposed grid ceiling systems and concealed grid ceiling systems. We offer high quality products from brands such as DONN and Rondo that are lightweight, affordable and easy to install. Engineered from durable materials they make a great choice when you are looking to improve the look or acoustics of home, office and industrial spaces. Browse the available ranges below and order online now or visit one of our 4 stores across South East Queensland. We can help you with:

Exposed Grid Ceiling Systems

Concealed Grid Ceiling Systems

For concealed grid ceilings:

Drywall Ceiling Systems

Browse our range below and if you are looking for something else or have further questions, contact us online, or find your nearest BetaBoard store and shop in person.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are ceiling systems?

They are an interconnected grid system of tees and tiles that hang from the primary ceiling and can be used to conceal things like wiring, pipes and other fixtures while allowing easy access to them in case they need to be repaired or replaced. They can also be used to give spaces a fresh new appearance, improved acoustics and better heating/cooling capacity.

What is a concealed grid ceiling system?

Concealed grid ceiling systems are a type of suspended ceiling constructed from panels that creates a void between the panels and primary ceiling. They are often used to conceal infrastructural elements and can provide an appealing aesthetic.

What is an exposed grid system?

Sometimes referred to as an "open" ceiling, this type of system uses interconnected tees that leave the infrastructure of a space exposed to view. They are perfect for increasing natural lighting and provide a large degree of artistic customisation.

Which system is best?

That will depend on your personal requirements and the design intent of the space. Reach out to us with any questions; we are always ready to help.

Looking for more information on high quality ceiling systems?

Browse our range of products below, get in touch with our expert team or visit your closest BetaBoard location today for friendly service and amazing prices. We deliver to a variety of locations throughout the South East and it has never been easier to purchase ceiling system products for your home, office or building project than with BetaBoard.