Drywall Plasterboard for Standard Walls and Ceilings

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Knauf SHEETROCK Plasterboard

BetaBoard is a leading supplier of a range of standard wall and ceiling drywall plasterboard, suitable for projects of all sizes. Our Knauf SHEETROCK ONE plasterboard is the only 10mm plasterboard available to use on both walls and ceilings. This all round plasterboard ensures easier estimation, reduced wastage and therefore increased savings. 

Knauf SHEETROCK plasterboard is recognized as the leading product in innovation, quality and effectiveness as well as the perfect fit for the Australian renovation and building needs. Certified by GECA, our Knauf SHEETROCK may also contribute to a building’s Green Star Points.

Our drywall plasterboard is available in a range of sheet sizes from 2400x1200 to 6000x1350 in both 10mm Sheetrock ONE and in 13mm heavy-duty sheets for both walls and ceilings - perfect for the DIY home renovator and tradesman alike. For more information, please get in touch with our plasterboard supplies team or visit us at one of our stores today.

Knauf WETSTOP Plasterboard

In addition to our drywall plasterboard range, we also stock Knauf WETSTOP plasterboard. Designed to satisfy regulatory requirements, Knauf Wet Stop plasterboard has a water-resistant core and is perfect for your wet area applications including the lining of bathrooms, showers, and laundries as well as external applications such as alfresco settings and garages with adequate ceiling protection.

Our Knauf Wet Stop plasterboard is available in a range of sizes 10mm sizes from 2400x1200 up to 5400x1350 for ease and speed of installation for your convenience. Browse our full range below and don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on any of our drywall plasterboard products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Drywall and Plasterboard?

Drywall Plasterboard and Plasterboard are effectively the same product. The difference in naming comes from the geographical location of the products. In Australia, Plasterboard is commonly used whereas in the United States, Drywall is the more common term

Can you paint straight onto or over plasterboard?

Yes! In most cases, it should be perfectly fine to paint over your standard walls and ceiling plasterboard. Simply cover any joints or holes created and smooth over any imperfections before applying paint.

Should you screw or nail plasterboard

In general, nails tend to be more flexible and can hold up better against pressure or lateral force. Screws on the other hand, tend to have better grip and tensile strength which helps reduce the risk of the plasterboard pulling away from the studs

Name Description Size
kna_sheetrock one pds_final.pdf sheetrock one pds 349 Kb
fiberock msds.pdf fiberock msds 160 Kb
kna-001_plasterboard installation manual_2023_final.pdf knauf plasterboard installation manual 36.23 MB
plasterboard-catalogue.pdf plasterboard catalogue 6.08 MB
lighting and_decoration guide.pdf lighting and decoration guide 14.28 MB
kna_wp_fire rating_final.pdf fire rating guide whitepaper 2.24 MB
shaftlinersds.pdf shaftliner sds 501 Kb
w.a.b. plasterboard sds.pdf wr board sds 503 Kb
soundstop sds.pdf soundstop sds 501 Kb
firestop sds.pdf firestop sds 502 Kb
fire wetstop sds.pdf wr firestop sds 503 Kb
flexiboard sds.pdf flexiboard sds 501 Kb
multistop 3 3hi sds.pdf multistop 3 and 3hi sds 504 Kb
multistop 4 4hi sds.pdf multistop 4 and 4hi sds 504 Kb
multistop 5 5hi sds.pdf multistop 5 and 5hi sds 503 Kb
sheetrock hd sds.pdf sheetrock 13mm hd sds 504 Kb
sheetrock one sds.pdf sheetrock one sds 502 Kb
knauf fire-rated plasterboard products - technical bulletin 032022.pdf fire rated technical bulletin 274 Kb