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Knauf Technical Boards

As a leading SE Queensland based technical board distributor, we stock an extensive range of Knauf technical boards specifically formulated for applications including cinemas, studios and quiet living areas; curved walls & ceilings, lobbies and stairwells; lift shafts; hospital x-ray, laboratories and corridors; fire isolation for residential and industrial buildings; and water-resistance in wet areas including bathrooms, kitchens, gymnasiums and indoor swimming pools.

Fire Rated Plasterboard

Available in both 13mm and 16mm sheets from 2400x1200 up to 3600x1350, Knauf Firestop is fire rated plasterboard that provides lightweight fire and acoustic performance when fire-resistance ratings are required. Officially certified by the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Knauf Firestop may contribute to Green Star Points.

Soundproof Plasterboard

Knauf Soundstop is an acoustic soundproof plasterboard solution to help control noise levels in rooms in both residential and commercial environments. Available as both 10mm and 13mm from 3000x1200 to 4800x1350 sheets, Knauf Soundstop utilises proprietary building systems to help reduce sound transfer from room to room improving overall living comfort.

Knauf Multistop Plasterboard

For an all-in-one solution our Knauf Multistop technical boards are for you. Ideal for projects requiring fire, impact, sound and water resistance, they are designed to significantly improve impact resistance, feature an embedded mesh backing and are available in both 3600x1200 and 3600x1350 sizes making light work of any project.

We are also proud to carry other speciality Knauf technical boards including, Boral Wetstop plasterboard, Flexible Plasterboard, 25mm Shaftliner, Fire Wetstop, Fiberock and perforated plasterboard in a range of sizes for all of your residential, commercial and industrial plasterboard needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Technical Boards

Technical plasterboards are a range of plasterboard manufactured with unique individual properties including fire, water, impact and sound resistance as well as flexible plasterboard.

What types of technical boards do you stock?

At BetaBoard, we stock a growing range of Boral technical boards including Knauf Wetstop, Shaftliner, Fire Wetstop or fire rated plasterboard, Fiberock, perforated plasterboard, soundproof plasterboard in a wide range of sizes.

Name Description Size
fiberock msds.pdf fiberock msds 160 Kb
kna-001_plasterboard installation manual_2023_final.pdf knauf plasterboard installation manual 36.23 MB
plasterboard-catalogue.pdf plasterboard catalogue 6.08 MB
lighting and_decoration guide.pdf lighting and decoration guide 14.28 MB
kna_wp_fire rating_final.pdf fire rating guide whitepaper 2.24 MB
shaftlinersds.pdf shaftliner sds 501 Kb
w.a.b. plasterboard sds.pdf wr board sds 503 Kb
soundstop sds.pdf soundstop sds 501 Kb
firestop sds.pdf firestop sds 502 Kb
fire wetstop sds.pdf wr firestop sds 503 Kb
flexiboard sds.pdf flexiboard sds 501 Kb
multistop 3 3hi sds.pdf multistop 3 and 3hi sds 504 Kb
multistop 4 4hi sds.pdf multistop 4 and 4hi sds 504 Kb
multistop 5 5hi sds.pdf multistop 5 and 5hi sds 503 Kb
sheetrock hd sds.pdf sheetrock 13mm hd sds 504 Kb
sheetrock one sds.pdf sheetrock one sds 502 Kb
knauf fire-rated plasterboard products - technical bulletin 032022.pdf fire rated technical bulletin 274 Kb