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Our Extensive Range of Insulation Supplies

BetaBoard, as one of the leading insulation suppliers Brisbane wide, provides a wide array of insulation materials. We cater to domestic, commercial, and wholesale insulation needs, offering high-quality Glasswool, Polyester, Foil, and PIR insulation materials.


Perfect for both residential and commercial projects, our Fletcher glasswool insulation supplies are high-quality and energy-efficient. Our insulation materials conform to Australian construction code requirements for thermal, acoustic and fire performance.


Bradford polyester insulation, ideal for noise reduction and temperature regulation, is among our best insulation supplies. It efficiently reduces outside noise and is particularly effective in maintaining a comfortable environment during the heat of summer.

Foil and Wall Wrap

Designed to offer superior protection against the harsh Australian sun, our reflective wall wrap insulation acts as a second skin for your home. It improves airflow, prevents moisture entry, and promotes energy efficiency by reducing the need for cooling systems.

PIR Board

Our versatile PIR boards are lightweight insulation supplies easy to apply to any surface. They're suitable for various applications, including cavity walls, attics, crawl spaces, and vaulted ceilings.


With a 6-star house energy rating, our Aircell insulation materials can be used in roofs, walls, and floors. This durable, easy-to-install insulation has both rodent & insect resistant and antibacterial properties.

Autex Acoustics

Our Autex Acoustics panels provide superior indoor acoustic performance while reducing outdoor noise intrusion. These lightweight and easy-to-install panels are popular in universities, commercial office spaces, and entertainment auditoriums.

Your Trusted Plasterboard & Insulation Suppliers

Searching for “insulation suppliers near me” or reliable plasterboard suppliers for your next project? As leading insulation suppliers Brisbane wide, we offer comprehensive residential and wholesale insulation supplies. Contact us for enquiries or visit our nearest store to discuss your insulation needs in person!

Frequently Asked Questions About Insulation Materials and Insulation Supplies

What type of insulation is best for noise reduction?
Our Bradford Polyester and Autex Acoustic panels are specifically designed for superior noise reduction, making them ideal for minimizing sound transmission.

Are your insulation materials suitable for commercial projects?
Yes, our insulation supplies, including Glasswool and Foil and Wall Wrap, meet all Australian construction code requirements and are suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Do you offer wholesale insulation?
Yes, we supply wholesale insulation materials, catering to a range of customer needs from individual homeowners to large-scale commercial projects.