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BetaBoard is a leading stockist of Bradford Polymax thermal & acoustic polyester insulation products. If you're looking for polyester insulation that's versatile, easy to install and delivers on performance, look no further than the Bradford Polymax and Martini line of insulation products. Perfectly suited for wall, ceiling, and floor applications between joints; Find out why builders, trades, renovators and homeowners alike choose Bradford Polymax insulation for projects of all sizes.

Benefits of Bradford Polymax Insulation

  1. Reduce unwanted outside noise as well as minimising noise transfer between rooms and floors, making for a quieter home.
  2. Designed to maximise comfort and save energy by keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  3. Made from 100% thermally bonded polyester fibres – just like the polyester used in quilts and pillows.
  4. No itch & low allergen.
  5. Easy to handle and install.
  6. Made from up to 80% recycled material.
  7. No waste generation during manufacture.
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Need additional information about an of our Bradford Polymax or Martini insulation products? Browse our range of polyester insulation below, get in touch with the team or drop into your nearest BetaBoard location today for friendly service, expert advice and the best prices! With delivery available to several locations across the South East; It's never been easier to buy polyester insulation for your home, office or building project than with BetaBoard - your leading insulation suppliers