Autex Acoustic Panels

Autex Acoustic Panels

BetaBoard is a proud supplier of an extensive range of Autex acoustic panels. Founded in 1967, Autex Acoustics specialises in the design, development and production of interior and decorative acoustic panels. Whether you’re building a home cinema or studio, looking to reduce noise pollution in a busy office setting, or looking to dampen the echoes of a reception hall or restaurant - our stunning range of acoustic wall panels and acoustic wall tiles come in a variety of modern designs and styles to suit projects of all shapes and sizes.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Made from 100% polyester fibre, Autex acoustic ceiling panels not only deliver a high performance, three-dimensional acoustic solution but are also a versatile and visually appealing alternative to traditional ceiling tiles. Designed to fit traditional ceiling grids and available in 15 colours across 5 designs; Acoustic panels for residential, commercial, and industrial use have never looked this good. Browse our range of Autex ceiling tiles today and request a quote online for more information.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Create vibrant and unique spaces with Autex acoustic wall panels. With a range of application methods and designs available from Peel’n’Stick acoustic wall tiles, lightweight and semi-rigid Cube Panels to Symphony acoustic fabric designed to be used in the same way as wallpaper; Our Autex wall panels offer a smooth and sophisticated finish ideal as both a stand-alone feature or combined with other Autex acoustic panels for a complete acoustic solution.

Quietspace Panels

Quietspace panels are a high-performance acoustic solution suitable for both wall and ceiling applications. These Autex panels are designed to reduce reverberated noise and are highly durable, offering long-term stability and performance. At BetaBoard, we supply 2400x1200 Autex Quietspace panels in 25-100mm thicknesses, available in black, white or grey and when combined with the Autex Vertiface range, offer a stunning assortment of colour combinations to match specific branding and style requirements.

Need additional information on any of our Autex acoustic panels? Browse our entire range of decorative acoustic panels below or visit us at one of our stores today. If you have any questions about our range of insulation supplies, contact the Autex panels team from BetaBoard – your trusted name in builder supplies.


Frequently Asked Questions About Autex Acoustic Panels


What Is the Difference Between Acoustic Panels and Soundproof Panels?

Acoustic panels and soundproof panels have different functions in managing sound. Acoustic panels enhance sound quality within a space by absorbing sound waves, reducing echoes, and controlling reverberation. Commonly utilised in environments like recording studios, offices, and restaurants, acoustic panels contribute to a more pleasant acoustic experience.

Conversely, soundproofing panels reduce transmission of sound between multiple spaces. Often made from dense materials like insulation or heavy curtains, soundproofing creates barriers to prevent sound from entering or leaving a room Typically used in to maintain privacy and reducing external noise interference in locations such as home theaters and bedrooms.

In summary, acoustic panels improve sound quality within a room, while soundproof panels create barriers to reduce transmission of sound between rooms.

Can Autex Acoustic Panels Be Used in Commercial Spaces?

Autex acoustic panels are a versatile solution for improving sound quality in commercial environments. BetaBoard stocks a variety of Autex products, including wall panels, ceiling panels, and Quietspace panels, each offering unique acoustic properties.

Autex panels are renowned for their exceptional acoustic properties. Autex wall panels effectively absorb sound, reducing echo and minimizing noise disruptions within an office space, lobby, or meeting room. Autex ceiling panels can enhance speech clarity by minimizing sound reflections, creating a more comfortable environment for meetings and conversations. Quietspace panels are particularly versatile, offering sound absorption while also being visually appealing, making them suitable for reception areas or open-plan offices.

The ability to customise Autex acoustic panels makes them an ideal choice for commercial spaces. Companies can personalize these decorative acoustic panels with custom graphics, patterns, or colors to align with their branding, creating a visually appealing and cohesive interior design.