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Looking for Knauf Decorative Cornice? BetaBoard is proud to be a leading stockist of the range of Knauf ornate cornices across the Greater South East. Perfectly suited for both residential and commercial internal ceiling applications; Builders, trades, plasterers, renovators and homeowners alike will find the intricate designs of Knauf ornate cornices, create a ‘sense of refinement, sophistication and space in a room’.

Order Your Decorative Cornice Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan wide with BetaBoard Today

With over 5 designs available to suit a wide range of contemporary, modern and classic decors and interiors, order your decorative cornice Brisbane, Ipswich wide with BetaBoard today for the best prices on your next project

  • Knauf Sydney Cornice – Available in 90mm x 4200 lengths and can be retro-fitted over 55mm Standard Cove Cornice.
  • Knauf New York Cornice – Available in 90mm x 4200 lengths and can be retro-fitted over 55mm Standard Cove Cornice.
  • Knauf Manly Cornice – Available in 75mm x 4200 lengths.
  • Knauf Linear Cornice – Available in 75mm x 4200 lengths.
  • Knauf Cairo Cornice – Cairo Cornice is available in 3 styles, from 50mm up to 100mm in width and 4200mm lengths.

Need additional information on any of our Knauf decorative cornice products? Browse our extensive range of ornate cornices below, get in touch with the team or drop into your nearest BetaBoard location today for friendly service, expert advice and the best prices! With ornamental cornice Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich wide delivery, ordering ornamental cornice for your home, office or building project has never been easier than with Betaboard – your leading cornice suppliers across the South East.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is decorative cornice?

Decorative cornice, ‘ornamental cornice’ or ‘ornate cornices’ refer to horizontal decorative mouldings that ‘crown’ a building or furniture element. In relation to plasterboard, decorative cornice runs along the top of an interior wall and provides an ornate finish when compared to traditional cove cornice.

What types of ornamental cornice are there?

Ornamental cornices come in many shapes and sizes perfectly suited to a wide range of interior design styles and elements. At BetaBoard, we carry Sydney Cornice, New York Cornice, Manly Cornice, Linear Cornice and Cairo Cornice available in different widths and lengths.

Are ornate cornices easy to install?

Yes, while in the past installing cornice was best left to the professionals, installing decorative cornice can be quick and easy with a bit of DIY knowhow. While you’ll need a basic set of plaster tools, there are a large number of great resources and how-to guides available online that will have your cornice up in no time!

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