Plastering Accessories

Plasterboard Accessories


At BetaBoard, we stock an extensive range of plastering accessories and finishing trims to complement ceiling and wall systems. Ideal for both DIY and plasterers, these plastering accessories offer a clean and polished finish whilst protecting edges from impact.

We offer the complete range of Rondo settings and casing beads as well as most TrimTex PVC angles where that special finish is required. 

Browse our range of plastering accessories below or contact us if you have any questions about our products.


Our Plaster Accessories


Joint Tapes - These joint tapes are designed to reinforce drywall joints and corners and repair cracks. Easy to install and inexpensive, paper and fibreglass tapes will resist cracking and wrinkling and suitable for multiple projects.

Metal Plastering Beads - Our range of Rondo metal plastering beads are ideal for finishing off sections of drywall or to complete ceiling linings. These beads are ideal for both residential and commercial projects and can be reinforced with internal corner beads for additional strength.

Metal Casing Beads - Rondo metal casing beads are designed to give a polished finish for a wide range of internal and external corners. These casing beads are manufactured from 0.30 – 0.50 BMT Galvabond or Zincanneal steel for additional strength.

PVC Plastering Beads - These high-quality beads offer an attractive finish for both internal and external applications and are available in angles and manhole frames. The PVC is made in full compliance of Australian regulations and offers a strong resistance to fire.

PVC Corner Beads - Our PVC corner beads can be adjusted to fit various structures, moulds and trims and make for a cost-effective alternative to metal beads. Made with UV stable PVC, these corner beads are guaranteed to last at least 25 years and can be used in high atmospheric applications.

Floor Protection Products - We offer a range of plasterboard accessories to help protect your floor while you work. This includes drop sheet plastics, laminated rolls, hard surface protection and more.


Plasterboard Accessories Brisbane

Looking for plasterboard accessories and supplies? At BetaBoard, our exclusive plasterboard suppliers stock an extensive range of plastering accessories & building materials for every kind of application. You can browse our plaster accessories online, find your nearest store or get in touch if you have any further questions.