Compressed Fibre Cement Sheets, Secura Flooring, Decking & Underlay

Image of compressed fibre cement sheets and fibre cement decking.
Image of compressed fibre cement sheets and fibre cement decking.
Image of compressed fibre cement sheets and fibre cement decking.
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Compressed Fibre Cement Sheets, Flooring, Decking & Underlay

BetaBoard is proud to be a leading stockist of a wide range of compressed fibre cement sheets, Secura Flooring and fibre cement decking and underlay products from some of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers. When you need quality compressed sheets to get your residential or commercial project completed on time, every time; Find out why builders, trades, plasterers, renovators and homeowners alike choose BetaBoard for the best range of fibre cement products across the greater South East.

Order Your Compressed Fibre Cement Sheets, Flooring, Decking and Underlay Brisbane, Logan, North Lakes or Brendale with BetaBoard Today

HardiePanel Compressed Sheets - Our HardiePanel compressed sheets are available in 15mm, 18mm and 24mm thicknesses and sheet sizes of 2400x1200 and 3000x1200 suitable for a range of installation applications over timber or lightweight steel joists.


Secura Flooring – Secura Flooring is a light, versatile and durable option that reduces installation time and can be laid with ease. For exterior options, Secura Exterior Flooring requires no pre-drilling or screwing and has an underside mesh reinforcement providing extra strength and impact resistance that is perfect for tiled balconies and verandahs. For interiors, our Secura Interior Flooring offers dual functionality with one side designed for tiled application and the other perfect for vinyl or carpet installations. Available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses, request a quote today and see how Secura Flooring can streamline your next project.


HardieDeck – Ideal for outdoor rooms, bushfire zones & low set decks, our HardieDeck decking is premium compressed fibre cement flooring designed for entertaining all year round. With a clean and stylish look, the smooth wide boards and freedom of choice provide for an abundance of finishings and styles. Available in 3000x196x19mm flooring and finishing boards.


Fibre Cement Underlay – Speed up installation and protect floor coverings against movement with ceramic underlay. Available in 1800x1200 sheet size with specifications designed for a wide range of floor coverings.


Need additional information on any of our fibre cement sheets, fibre cement decking, flooring or underlay products? Browse our extensive range of compressed fibre cement sheets below, get in touch with the team or drop into your nearest BetaBoard location today for friendly service, expert advice and the best prices! With delivery available Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Ipswich wide, ordering compressed fibre cement flooring, sheets, underlay and decking for your home, office or building project has never been easier than with Betaboard – your leading fibre cement suppliers across the greater South East.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Compressed Fibre Cement Flooring, Decking and Underlay is Available?

At BetaBoard, we carry a range of compressed sheets, fibre cement underlay and Secura flooring for a range of residential and commercial applications. If you’re not sure what you need for a project, speak to our friendly team today!

What is Compressed Fibre Cement Used For?

Compressed sheets are a superlative substrate designed for interior floors in framed-construction wet areas, upper storeys, transportable buildings, and the cladding of exterior decks.

What are the Benefits of Compressed Fibre Cement?

Compressed sheets provide a range of benefits for your construction project including their impact resistance, termite resistance, high durability, non-combustibility, versatility and are also immune to permanent water damage.

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