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Foilboard Accessories

Foilboard Fasteners & Foilboard Tape

Designed, made, and shipped right here in Australia, our Foilboard accessories are crucial to ensuring your Foilboard insulation sheets remain firmly fastened and secured. The strength, reliability, and superior performance of the entire Foilboard system is thanks to the exclusive range of foilboard fasteners and tape. The accessories are specifically designed and manufactured for optimal thermal performance and to increase the lifespan of your entire insulating system.

Our range of Foilboard accessories includes:

  • Silver & Green Foilboard Tape – 66M Roll
  • Foilboard Fasteners – 30mm – 40mm
  • Foilboard Blank Plates
  • Spacer Blocks
  • Plumbing Silicone
  • Flexifast Fasteners
  • Caulking Gun-Wallboard

Contact BetaBoard online for the best price on accessories to install Foilboard inslutation! Or head to your nearest store to see our extensive range of Foilboard and accessories.


At BetaBoard, we stock a large range of accessories suitable for the entire range of construction projects, from DIY remodels to full scale commercial and industrial projects. These products help ensure your Foilboard is installed properly to maintain optimum thermal efficiency throughout their lifetime. Browse the range below or get in touch with the friendly BetaBoard team and rest assured knowing you're getting the best possible Foilboard accessories on the market.

Have any questions about our range of products? At BetaBoard, we have all the answers to your questions! Request a quote on Foilboard accessories today from Brisbane’s home of plaster supplies by contacting us online or visiting your nearest store.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Foilboard be glued?

While it is possible, it is not recommended to glue Foilboard to achieve the best results and longevity from your product. Foilboard should only be bonded together using Foilboard Joining tape or fastened using the patented Flexifast Foilboard fasteners.  

How do you attach a Foilboard?

Foilboard insulation sheets can be installed anywhere you would normally install traditional insulation in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting. Using patented foilboard tape and Foilboard fasteners, the installation process couldn’t be easier!

Name Description Size
foilboard garage door installation.pdf foilboard garage door installation 1.34 MB
foilboard information and design guide.pdf foilboard information and design guide 3.24 MB
foilboard concrete panel installation guide.pdf foilboard concrete panel installation guide 288 Kb
foilboard thermal performance r calc bv 70mm frame.pdf foilboard thermal performance calculator 1 269 Kb
foilboard thermal performance calculator cladded wall - 70mm frame using super 15.pdf foilboard thermal performance calculator 2 cladded wall 268 Kb
foilboard installation guide residential 1 brick veneer cavity.pdf foilboard installation guide residential 1 cavity brick 497 Kb
foilboard installation guide residential 2 external cladding.pdf foilboard installation guide residential 2 cladding 498 Kb
foilboard shed brochure.pdf foilboard shed brochure 485 Kb
foilboard flexifast flyer 3-10-2013w.pdf foilboard flexifast fixing system 279 Kb
foilboard accessories guide - 2017.pdf foilboard accessories guide 553 Kb
foilboard accessories and delivery guide.pdf foilboard accessories and delivery guide 739 Kb
tss data sheet.pdf fuller silicone data sheet 114 Kb
foilboardtechnicalbrochure (1).pdf foilboard technical brochure 5.92 MB