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Fibre Cement Suppliers

Looking to buy fibre cement sheeting? When you buy fibre cement panels with BetaBoard, you’re choosing one of the best fibre cement sheet options on the market. We stock James Hardie fibre cement board, which is one of the toughest cement sheeting and cladding products Australia wide. Long lasting and strong, fibre cement board is frequently used in cladding and roofing of both residential and commercial projects. It’s easy to install and works effectively as a termite barrier, which makes it a favourite material amongst builders. The products are used extensively in new residential construction, manufactured housing, repair, and remodelling, as well as a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

BetaBoard is proud to be one of Brisbane’s biggest James Hardie fibre cement suppliers. James Hardie® building products provide a complete solution for creating well-designed homes. They are available in numerous profiles and finishes for a range of interior and exterior building applications. The products work well on their own or in unison with one another, so you can incorporate single or multiple products in a design.

The James Hardie suppliers range of products suits a wide palette of architectural styles, from classic and traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary designs. The cladding products also look great in combination with many traditional building materials such as stone, wood and brick, making design potential boundless!

Our Fibre Cement Board Range

Internal linings - These fibre cement sheet internal linings are a stable alternative to plasterboard, and are available in Villaboard, Hardiegroove and Versilux. The Villaboard sheets can be painted and wallpapered on, whereas the Hardigroove and Versilux make a powerful visual statement on their own.

External cladding and weatherboards - External cladding and weatherboards are a popular choice for homes, as they are built to safeguard homes from harsh Australian weather such as rain, wind, hail and strong sunshine. Both are available in various styles, colours, textures, and levels of thickness.

Flooring, decking and underlay - Our flooring, decking and underlay are perfect for residential and commercial projects alike. James Hardie underlay, and structural flooring are the perfect solutions for providing durable, long lasting flooring for your project.

Trims and accessories - We offer a range of trims and accessories that pair perfectly with your fibre cement sheet products.

James Hardie thermal products - We stock a number of James Hardie thermal products to protect your building and help control room temperature.

Fibre Cement Suppliers Brisbane

For a comprehensive range of fibre cement panels & products, choose BetaBoard as your James Hardie fibre cement board suppliers. You can find your nearest store here or contact us online if you have any questions about any of our fibre cement board products or would like to check out some of our plasterboard supplies in store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fibre Cement Sheeting?

Fibre cement sheeting or ‘fibre cement board’ is a widely used building product designed for interior or exterior wall linings.

What are the advantages of Fibre Cement Board?

Fibre cement board has many advantages including it’s fire-resistance, impact-resistance and strength that allow it to stand up well to harsh weather conditions.

What Fibre Cement Products are available?

At BetaBoard, we carry a range of fibre cement products including external cladding and weatherboards, internal linings, commercial products, flooring, decking and underlay, trims, accessories and, James Hardie Thermal products.

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