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Plaster Compounds, Basecoats, Toppings and DIY Products

Looking for a great range of reliable plasterboard compounds, basecoats, and toppings for your next plastering project? BetaBoard stocks a leading range of reputable and dependable plasterboard compounds that help achieve a seamless finish in projects of all sizes. Whether you need DIY or commercial quantities, you can trust that BetaBoard will have all the products you’ll need to get your project over the line. Browse our entire range of plaster joint compound solutions and find out why tradies, builders, and homeowners alike choose BetaBoard as their leading stockist of plaster compounds and more!

Order Plaster Compounds, Basecoat, Toppings and DIY Products!

Plaster Basecoat

Setting type plaster joint compound that provides superior tape adhesion and joint strength suited first and second coats in a three-coat jointing system. With a range of sizes available from leading brands including Knauf, CSR Gyprock, James Hardie and Gib Liteset, BetaBoard stocks the basecoat you need to complete your project!

All Purpose Joint Compound

Lightweight plaster compounds suitable for all three coat applications or as finishing coats for all your plasterboard joints. With a variety of products available from GIB, Knauf, James Hardie, BetaBoard, Hamilton, 4T and more, all-purpose plasterboard compounds streamline your application process.

Wet Area Plasters

Water resistant plaster compounds for a professional, seamless finish over fibre cement joints specifically designed for the jointing of approved fibre cement products. James Hardie 15KG Basecoat bags and 15KG Topcoat bucket buckets available.

Knauf DIY Products

A range of compounds and adhesives in a variety of sizes perfectly suited to smaller projects in the home renovation market.

Base & Bedding ( 1st & 2nd Coats ) including Angles 16kg to 22kg
Finish Coat only8kg to 10kg

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plasterboard Compound Made Of?

Plasterboard compounds are not all made the same, with the required ingredients differing between types and brands of compounds. Generally speaking, plaster compounds consist mostly of a naturally occurring mineral called Gypsum, a binding material that typically is a type of polymer, as well as additives and water. The exact binder and additives used depend on what stage of joining coat you are applying, as well as what brand you prefer.

Are There Other Names for Plaster Compound?

Plasterboard compounds are referred to by many names around the world. In Australia, you can expect it to be called terms such as plaster compound, drywall compound, drywall mud, joint compound, jointing compound, joint finish, plaster joint compound, and more.

Have A Question About Any of Our Plaster Compounds?

Browse our full range of plaster joint compound solutions below, speak with our team or visit your nearest BetaBoard location today for friendly service, expert advice and amazing prices Queensland wide! At BetaBoard, we deliver our plastering products to a wide area of Southeast Queensland so you can get the plasterboard compounds you need for your home, office, or commercial building project when you need them, fast! Find out more today from BetaBoard - your leading stockist of plastering supplies.

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