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Modern office ceiling tiles | Featured image for grid ceiling tiles product category page.
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Grid Ceiling Tiles & Systems

At BetaBoard, we offer ceiling tiles and systems that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and resistant to fading. Using only reputable wholesalers such as Boral and Armstrong, BetaBoard ceiling tiles and systems are built to last a lifetime and offer numerous benefits including thermal protection, sound dampening and more.

Ceiling tiles

Plasterboard ceiling tiles - Our plasterboard ceiling tiles are a simple and easy to clean surface that makes a perfect choice for both residential and commercial projects. The low sheen and high-density board make cleaning blemishes a breeze, whilst limiting the possibility of discolouration.

Mineral fibre tiles - BetaBoard USG mineral fibre boards offer great sound absorption abilities, making it ideal for commercial buildings. The mineral fibre ceiling tiles are made with various mineral wool, clay, and cellulose fibre, which makes them exceptionally good at minimising reflection of sound.

Ultratile - Ultratile is a premium ceiling tile that’s easy to install and can be retrofitted with existing ceiling systems. Available in various types of wood, Ultratile offers a touch of style and sophistication, making it a popular choice for office spaces, auditoriums, theatres and more.

Ultraslat - Ultraslat panels are perfect for integrated ceiling systems and offer a quick and easy installation solution. Offering unrivalled noise reduction qualities, Ultraslat systems are ideal for high traffic environments or areas with sound reverberation that require high acoustic performance.

Ceiling systems

Rondo DONN Exposed Grid ceiling - Made with galvanised steel, Rondo Donn Exposed grid ceiling offers load-carrying capacities for light fixtures, acoustic panels and more. It provides a solid framework for various types of tiles and comes in both 15mm and 24mm options.

Rondo Duo Exposed Grid ceiling - Practical and convenient, the Rondo Duo Exposed Grid ceiling comes complete with main systems and complementary parts to make assembling quick and simple. These ceiling systems are available in prefinished steel and can be quickly assembled on site.

Rondo Aluminium Exposed Grid - This practical ceiling system can be adapted to suit your design needs and offers an alternative to the Rondo’s traditional Exposed Grid Ceiling System. These ceiling tile systems accepts both mineral and plasterboard ceiling tiles and works seamlessly with other Rondo components such as hanger brackets and perimeter trims.

Rondo Keylock - The Keylock Concealed Suspended Ceiling Tile Systems are a high-quality structure that can hold multiple layers of plasterboard. Designed to easily snap into sections, the Rondo Keylock ceiling system is a top choice amongst labourers and contractors.

Rondo Xpress Drywall Grid - Suitable for concealed systems and made using patented QRC technology, the Rondo Xpress Drywall grid system is a favourite amongst installers for its ease of use and versatility. With its ability to be used in acoustic and seismic applications, this system offers an unrivalled degree of design flexibility.

Suspended ceiling tile suppliers

Looking for suspended ceiling tile suppliers Brisbane wide? Contact BetaBoard today for a quote on our ceiling tiles and systems. You can contact us online or head to your nearest store to chat with one of our plasterboard specialists in person.