Wallboard Sheet Lifter

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Wallboard Sheet Lifter

$674.96 Incl. GST


The Wallboard Sheet Lifter raises and lowers plasterboard or other types of sheeting by way of a winch system.


  • Lifts up to a height of 3.35m
  • Tough welded steel construction
  • Great safety with a cam lock break
  • Tilting cradle for lower loading height and single person operation
  • Cradle outriggers stabilise plasterboard sheets
  • Dismantles to fit in the boot of most cars
  • Fast assembly – no tools required
  • Maximum sheet size 1.22m x 4.88m
  • Load capacity 68kgs
  • Downloads
Name Description Size
safetycert_plasterboardcart_dc-1350.pdf WALLBOARD PLASTER CART SAFETY CERTIFICATE 55 Kb
safetycert_trestle900_13-740.pdf WALLBOARD 900mm TRESTLE SAFETY CERTIFICATE 119 Kb
safetycert_trestle1200_13-742.pdf WALLBOARD 1200mm TRESTLE SAFETY CERTIFICATE 134 Kb
safetycert_trestle1500_13-743.pdf WALLBOARD 1500mm TRESTLE SAFETY CERTIFICATE 174 Kb
safetycert_trestle1800_13-744.pdf WALLBOARD 1800mm TRESTLE SAFETY CERTIFICATE 92 Kb
WTC1823_Telpro-Panel_Lift_Flyer-WEB(1).pdf TELPRO PANEL LIFT 155 Kb
WTC1823_Telpro-Troll_Flyer-WEB(1).pdf TELPRO TROLLEY 258 Kb

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