Repair Patch 100mm X 100mm


Repair Patch 100mm X 100mm

$10.24 Incl. GST


The fast and easy way to repair holes in plasterboard. Self adhesive fiberglass mesh with perforated aluminum plate covers holes without the need for additional backing.


  • Metal patch provides long lasting repairs on walls, ceilings and doors
  • Self-adhesive mesh holds patch to surface during repair
  • Patch may be trimmed to fit smaller size hole
  • Easy to read directions on pack
  • Size 100x100mm
  • Downloads
Name Description Size
Chemwatch_Australian_GHS_MSDS_27-9766_PRESSOL_10589_2016.pdf GRAPHITE POWDER SDS 764 Kb
warranty_wbt2012.pdf WALLBOARD TOOLS WARRANTY 337 Kb