Tapepro Flatbox Extendable Handle 980-1600mm FHX


Tapepro Flatbox Extendable Handle 980-1600mm FHX

$613.80 Incl. GST (each)


The Tapepro ProReach® Extendable Handle is 4 Flat Box Handles in 1. It extends from 980mm to 1600mm with four independent locking points.


  • 980mm to 1600mm
  • 4 locking points
  • 1.4kg
  • Comfortable and durable anodised aluminium tubes
  • Tried and trusted Tapepro “all-position” brake
  • Compatible with all Tapepro Flat Boxes and the Twister Head (TSP)
  • Can be used with all Tapepro Flat Boxes
  • Downloads
Name Description Size
tapepro catalogue-2017.pdf tapepro catalogue 7.54 MB
opmanual_compundtube_ca-t.pdf tapepro compound tube manual 1.04 MB
opmanual_cornerbox_ca-h.pdf tapepro corner box manual 819 Kb
opmanual_cornerroller_cr-h.pdf tapepro corner roller manual 2.11 MB
opmanual_flatbox.pdf tapepro flatbox manual 4.95 MB
opmanual_flatboxhandle_fhx.pdf tapepro flatbox handle manual 334 Kb
opmanual_pump.pdf tapepro loading pump manual 4.21 MB
opmanual_mudbox_wmb-l.pdf tapepro mudbox manual 5.04 MB
opmanual_cornerfinisher_cfp-75.pdf tapepro corner finisher manual 922 Kb
form_tapeproservicerepair.pdf tapepro service repair form 281 Kb
fatbox-2015.pdf columbia fat boy box schematics 176 Kb
180gripboxhandle-2014.pdf columbia box handle schematic 78 Kb
180gripboxhandlehead-2014.pdf columbia box handle head schematic 53 Kb
hotmudpump-2014.pdf columbia mud pump schematics 147 Kb
gooseneck.pdf columbia gooseneck schematics 30 Kb
boxfiller-2014.pdf columbia box filler schematics 48 Kb
insidecornerroller-2014.pdf columbia inside corner roller schematics 57 Kb
columbia_one.pdf columbia corner roller handle 37 Kb

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