Tapepro Automatic Taper AT-2000


Tapepro Automatic Taper AT-2000

$2,557.50 Incl. GST (each)


Tapepro combines precision engineering, superior design features and high quality materials to create the fastest and best Automatic Taper on the market. The Tapepro Automatic Taper simultaneously dispenses paper tape and the correct amount joint compound onto both flat and internal corner joints. It's has a high 2.7L compound capacity meaning less fills and a quick release head for fast and easy cleaning.


  • Quality hard wearing components
  • Easy to adjust backup roller tension
  • Quick release head for fast and easy cleaning, allowing you to run chemical setting base compounds
  • Simple to use control tube with pull rings
  • Removable cover plate for easy access to internal parts
  • Fast filing using the Loading Pump (LP-EZ) and the Gooseneck (GS)
  • High capacity 2.7L
  • Downloads
Name Description Size
tapepro catalogue-2017.pdf tapepro catalogue 7.54 MB
opmanual_compundtube_ca-t.pdf tapepro compound tube manual 1.04 MB
opmanual_cornerbox_ca-h.pdf tapepro corner box manual 819 Kb
opmanual_cornerroller_cr-h.pdf tapepro corner roller manual 2.11 MB
opmanual_flatbox.pdf tapepro flatbox manual 4.95 MB
opmanual_flatboxhandle_fhx.pdf tapepro flatbox handle manual 334 Kb
opmanual_pump.pdf tapepro loading pump manual 4.21 MB
opmanual_mudbox_wmb-l.pdf tapepro mudbox manual 5.04 MB
opmanual_cornerfinisher_cfp-75.pdf tapepro corner finisher manual 922 Kb
form_tapeproservicerepair.pdf tapepro service repair form 281 Kb
fatbox-2015.pdf columbia fat boy box schematics 176 Kb
180gripboxhandle-2014.pdf columbia box handle schematic 78 Kb
180gripboxhandlehead-2014.pdf columbia box handle head schematic 53 Kb
hotmudpump-2014.pdf columbia mud pump schematics 147 Kb
gooseneck.pdf columbia gooseneck schematics 30 Kb
boxfiller-2014.pdf columbia box filler schematics 48 Kb
insidecornerroller-2014.pdf columbia inside corner roller schematics 57 Kb
columbia_one.pdf columbia corner roller handle 37 Kb

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