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Plywood and Structaflor

Looking to purchase wholesale plywood sheets for your renovation or construction project? Choose BetaBoard, your leading plywood suppliers across the south east. All four of our BetaBoard locations stock an exclusive range of non-appearance grade plywood sheets and STRUCTAflor Particleboard Flooring for projects of all sizes.

Our non-structural range of plywood sheets:


Plywood Grade C: A non-appearance grade veneer with solid surface imperfections such as knot holes or wood splits which have been filled and refined to the surface of the wood.


Plywood Grade D: A non-appearance grade veneer with limited and permitted open grain imperfections. This grade features a limited number of knots and knot holes up to 75mm wide are permitted.


Plywood Sheets are available in:

  • Non-Structural CD Ply pine 2400mm x 1200mm - 12mm
  • Non-Structural CD Ply pine 2400mm x 1200mm - 15mm
  • Non-Structural CD Ply pine 2400mm x 1200mm - 17mm


For structural applications, STRUCTAflor is the premiere choice for both commercial and residential building applications. STRUCAflor is perfect for platform construction *floor laid prior to erection of walls) as well as for fitted flooring construction.


STRUCTAflor Particleboard Flooring is available in:

  • STRUCTAflor Yellow Tongue 19mm 3600x800

Benefits of Choosing BetaBoard For Your Plywood Brisbane Projects

Knowledge & Experience

With over 30 years of experience in the building, construction, plumbing, and trade industries, BetaBoard knows exactly what it takes to get the job done right. As leading plywood suppliers, BetaBoard is committed to giving you the best service, advice and products possible when you buy plywood.

State of the Art Delivery System

Our second to none, online ordering and quote system allows you place orders directly to our despatch team. This lets us decrease waiting times when you buy plywood online and provide an accurate delivery within the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas.


If you’re looking for plasterboard suppliers and want to make sure you’re getting the right product and advice from experienced professionals, speak to the plywood Brisbane team at any of our five BetaBoard locations today. Browse our range of wholesale plywood or get in touch with us online!

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