5390T Trimtex Tearaway Shadow 6mm 3000mm


5390T Trimtex Tearaway Shadow 6mm 3000mm

$5.04 Incl. GST (each)


The Trim-Tex Tear Away Shadow Bead not only forms a great shadow feature but the the tear away strip also acts as a guide for your taping knife and protects the reveal from plaster.

25 in a box

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Name Description Size
trimtex beads msds.pdf trimtex beads msds 1.08 MB
trimtex spray adhesive msds.pdf trimtex spray adhesive msds 135 Kb
msds_trimtex_citruscleaner_72-848.pdf trimtex citrus cleaner msds 135 Kb
wtc1792_trimtex-product-data-sheets-2018-oversizebeads.pdf trimtex product data sheets 1.71 MB
wtc1792_trimtex-product-data-sheets-2018-cornersquarefinish.pdf trimtex angle installation sheet 810 Kb

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