16mm Fire Wetstop plasterboard for walls and ceilings

Fire Wetstop 3600 x 1200 x 16mm


Fire Wetstop 3600 x 1200 x 16mm


FIRE WETSTOP™ (formerly Wet Area Firestop®) was developed specifically for use in wet area fire-rated partition systems.

FIRE WETSTOP™ is available in 13mm and 16mm thicknesses with recessed edges and is largely used in commercial construction and for residential construction in the OutRwall® System.

  • Fire resistance
  • Water resistance
  • High acoustic performance
  • GECA Certified for 13mm and 16mm
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
Length3600 mm
Width1200 mm
Thickness16 mm
Weight56.16 kg
M² per Sheet4.32 m²


Name Description Size
Wet+Area+Board+VOC+Certificate.pdf Wet Area Firestop VOC Certificate 50 Kb
Wet Area Firestop MSDS.pdf Wet Area Firestop MSDS 189 Kb
WetArea Firestop Technical Data Sheet.pdf Wet Area Firestop Technical Data Sheet 300 Kb
plasterboard-catalogue.pdf 1.05 MB
Lighting and_Decoration Guide.pdf Lighting & Decoration Guide 894 Kb
Achieving Fire and Acoustic Compliance Multires_Whitepaper_USG Boral.pdf Achieving Fire and Acoustic Compliance 3.15 MB
USG Boral Plasterboard Installation Manual Oct 2016.pdf BORAL PLASTERBOARD INSTALLATION MANUAL 7.52 MB

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