Plasterboard 3000 X 1200 X 10mm Sheetrock One


Plasterboard 3000 X 1200 X 10mm Sheetrock One

$31.13 Incl. GST (each)


SHEETROCK ONE Plasterboard is Knauf’s newest engineered lightweight replacement to 10mm Plasterboard for walls and ceilings.

Knauf SHEETROCK ONE is the only 10mm all-round plasterboard suitable for both walls and ceilings. 

Knauf SHEETROCK ONE Plasterboard is recognized as the leading product in innovation, quality and effectiveness of product, as well as the fit to market need.

Encased in a 100% recycled paper liner, the high strength to board weight composite core design delivers an easy score and snap . 

SHEETROCK ONE Board is available in lengths up to 6 metres to minimise jointing and provides a surface suitable to a wide range of decorative finishes. 



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kna_sheetrock one pds_final (1).pdf sheetrock one pds 349 Kb
sheetrock wall board voc test certificate.pdf sheetrock one voc test certificate 285 Kb
kna_sheetrock one pds_final.pdf sheetrock one pds 349 Kb
fiberock msds.pdf fiberock msds 160 Kb
kna-001_plasterboard installation manual_2023_final.pdf knauf plasterboard installation manual 36.23 MB
plasterboard-catalogue.pdf plasterboard catalogue 6.08 MB
lighting and_decoration guide.pdf lighting and decoration guide 14.28 MB
kna_wp_fire rating_final.pdf fire rating guide whitepaper 2.24 MB
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sheetrock hd sds.pdf sheetrock 13mm hd sds 504 Kb
sheetrock one sds.pdf sheetrock one sds 502 Kb
knauf fire-rated plasterboard products - technical bulletin 032022.pdf fire rated technical bulletin 274 Kb