Knauf 51mm Partiwall I Stud 3600mm 0.55 BMT


Knauf 51mm Partiwall I Stud 3600mm 0.55 BMT

$45.03 Incl. GST (each)


Knauf Partiwall System Overview

Knauf Partiwall is a solution designed for separating walls between attached dwellings and a cost-effective, competing alternative to the Gyprock party wall. This pioneering system is the first its kind in Australia, USG Knauf Partiwall is easily one of the most widely used separating wall systems in Australia, applied in attached villa units and townhouse development projects.

Knauf Partiwall system is a twin stud wall system, which incorporates a single or double layer 25mm Shaftliner™ plasterboard fire barrier within the wall cavity. The Shaftliner panels are held in position by lightweight steel H- or I-section studs. Installation of Shaftliner fire barrier is carried out during the framing stage and does not require plasterboard screw fixing, jointing or finishing. The internal wall linings are installed at the plastering stage using conventional installation methods. Making the Knauf Partiwall system an excellent choice for all conventional projects.

Knauf Partiwall permits easy incorporation of services and does not require penetration and perimeter treatment associated with traditional fire-rated systems. The Knauf Partiwall system separating is suitable for attached dwellings Class 1a.

  • Knauf Partiwall is cost-effective and fast to construct
  • No wet trades required for the installation of the Knauf Partiwall system
  • No additional trades required at framing stage
  • Conventional installation of internal linings at plastering stage possible
  • An effective and well-priced alternative to Gyprock party wall solutions

Browse and order the entire range of Knauf Partiwall products available at our five locations across Greater Brisbane area of South East Queensland – Rocklea, Brendale, Ipswich, Loganholme and North Lakes. If you have any further questions or need advice concerning the Knauf Partiwall system, please get in touch now.

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Length3600 mm
Width51 mm
Base Metal Thickness.55 mm
Weight5 kg


Name Description Size
fiberock msds.pdf fiberock msds 160 Kb
kna-001_plasterboard installation manual_2023_final.pdf knauf plasterboard installation manual 36.23 MB
plasterboard-catalogue.pdf plasterboard catalogue 6.08 MB
lighting and_decoration guide.pdf lighting and decoration guide 14.28 MB
kna_wp_fire rating_final.pdf fire rating guide whitepaper 2.24 MB
shaftlinersds.pdf shaftliner sds 501 Kb
w.a.b. plasterboard sds.pdf wr board sds 503 Kb
soundstop sds.pdf soundstop sds 501 Kb
firestop sds.pdf firestop sds 502 Kb
fire wetstop sds.pdf wr firestop sds 503 Kb
flexiboard sds.pdf flexiboard sds 501 Kb
multistop 3 3hi sds.pdf multistop 3 and 3hi sds 504 Kb
multistop 4 4hi sds.pdf multistop 4 and 4hi sds 504 Kb
multistop 5 5hi sds.pdf multistop 5 and 5hi sds 503 Kb
sheetrock hd sds.pdf sheetrock 13mm hd sds 504 Kb
sheetrock one sds.pdf sheetrock one sds 502 Kb
knauf fire-rated plasterboard products - technical bulletin 032022.pdf fire rated technical bulletin 274 Kb