15mm Foilboard Super 1200 x 2400mm stocked item


15mm Foilboard Super 1200 x 2400mm stocked item

$34.87 Incl. GST (each)


Foilboard insulation sheets are Australian made products that are simple to use and great for the environment. Lightweight, durable and highly energy efficient, they can be used to regulate temperature in a range of new or old locations and structures such as homes, sheds, garages and more. Once installed they act like a mirror and reflect heat away from their location ensuring the best thermal value possible. Available in a variety of thicknesses, for example, our 15mm Foilboard is great for use in constrained spaces while our 25mm Foilboard is an excellent choice for floors or roofs. Regardless of size or placement, our insulation sheets will stay efficient and effective from day one.


Foilboard Insulation Sheets are great for:

  • Insulating Under Timber Floors for both New and Existing Homes
  • Use as an all in one ‘Moisture Barrier, Insulator and Thermal Break’ for New Homes
  • Insulating against Masonry and Concrete Pre-cast Walls
  • Insulating underneath Concrete Soffitts
  • Insulating Suspended Ceilings
  • Insulating Cathedral Ceilings
  • Retro-fit Insulation for Sheds
  • Retro-fit Insulation for Unlined Verandah’s
  • Retro-fit Insulation for Panel Lift Garage Doors


Looking to buy Foilboard Insulation Sheets?

At BetaBoard, we have access to a range of Foilboard products to meet your insulation demands. Find great prices and quality products at BetaBoard, request a quote today from the leader in plasterboard supplies by contacting us online or visiting your nearest store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good are Foilboard insulation sheets?

With correct use and installation, they are an exceptional product that has excellent insulation properties and is highly durable.

What is Foilboard used for?

It can be used almost anywhere, uses for 15mm Foilboard and 25mm Foilboard were mentioned above, but their application possibilities are extremely broad. Commercial, industrial, residential, new or old every project can benefit from using Foilboard.

Is Foilboard fire resistant?

Yes, as its core is made from fire retardant expanded polystyrene (FR-EPS).

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