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Linea Weatherboard

James Hardie Linea Weatherboard Range

Designed and made to stand against harsh and difficult Australian climate, Linea is tough as nail and beautiful to behold. Featuring unmatched durability, minimal maintenance as well as design flexibility way ahead of its competition. If you’re looking for weatherboard cladding, consider Linea - a deep shadow weatherboard for contemporary homes.

The clean horizontal lines of Linea™ weatherboards work beautifully on the expansive external walls of modern architecture. Ideal for creating a Hamptons or coastal inspired look when combined with contrasting Axent Trims in new homes or renovations, Linea can also be confidently painted in dark colours. Innovative and durable, Linea weatherboards are resistant to shrinking, swelling and cracking and will hold paint longer than wood. Featuring the distinctive charm of a deep shadow weatherboard without the maintenance of timber, the unmatched thickness for fibre cement weatherboards of 16mm which also enable handy tongue and groove short ends for clean butt joins even off-stud.

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linea installation guide.pdf linea installation guide 1.75 MB
linea physical properties.pdf linea physical properties 33 Kb
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fire rated application guide.pdf fire rated application guide 1.11 MB
fire rated technical specification.pdf fire rated technical specification 1.80 MB
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