Hardieflex 2400 x 450 x 4.5mm Cladding

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Hardieflex 2400 x 450 x 4.5mm Cladding

$14.27 Incl. GST (each)

A smooth, flat panel for a timeless aesthetic.

The applications for HardieFlex™ Sheet cover a wide range of design solutions for your home. HardieFlex Sheets are suitable for use in residential extensions, second story additions and gable ends. It can also be used to line porches, verandahs, carports and for soffits and eaves. One of the most economical solutions available HardieFlex is commonly used for board and batten style cladding. Don't overlook the durability and sophistication for new construction as well. It is a natural, un-sanded sheet that is immediately suitable for a paint finish and the installation could not be easier. The panels make straight walls look sleek, clean and modern. For a truly modern look add battens for design impact. 6mm HardieFlex sheets can also be used as bracing.
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Length2400 mm
Width450 mm
Thickness4.5 mm
Weight7.02 kg
M² per Sheet  1.08 m²


Name Description Size
technical specification hardieflex.pdf hardieflex technical specification 2.38 MB
hardieflex physical properties.pdf hardieflex physical properties 34 Kb
hardieflex warranty.pdf hardieflex warranty 69 Kb
bushfire construction guide.pdf bushfire construction guide 1.93 MB
best practice.pdf best practice 324 Kb
fire rated application guide.pdf fire rated application guide 1.11 MB
fire rated technical specification.pdf fire rated technical specification 1.80 MB
james hardie product brochure.pdf james hardie product brochure 6.60 MB
james hardie product guide.pdf james hardie product guide 6.85 MB
wet area construction guide.pdf wet area construction guide 8.29 MB
bracing design guide.pdf bracing design guide 3.18 MB
hardie_fibre_cement_products_sds_apr22.pdf james hardie fibre cement sds 155 Kb