Easycraft Silhouette Provincial Batten Primed MR MDF Panel 1200x2400x16mm Non Stocked Item


Easycraft Silhouette Provincial Batten Primed MR MDF Panel 1200x2400x16mm Non Stocked Item

$288.87 Incl. GST (each)


Looking for stunning decorative wall panels? The EasyCraft Silhoutte decorative wall panelling system is a brand-new concept providing depth and texture through intricate high-quality panels, suitable for both commercial and residential projects of all sizes.

The innovative range is hand crafted in Australia by the architectural and design community through exploration and collaborations on products and projects. ‘Silhouette by EasyCraft’ aims to inspire ‘material lead’ design, giving creatives the ability to incorporate natural shapes and shadows through well-made hard-wearing durable materials.

Typical applications of EasyCraft Silhouette decorative panelling include residential dining, lounge, family, bedroom, study, media, and games rooms with commercial applications ranging from foyers, classrooms, offices, rental properties, retail establishments, restaurants, apartments, hotels, aged care facilities and so much more!

Benefits of EasyCraft Silhouette Panelling

  • Pre-primed and ready to paint for faster installation and finishing.
  • High impact resistance which is up to 300% tougher than traditional plasterboard panels.
  • Consistent board surfaces with no knot holes, splitting or splinters.
  • Made in Australia and perfectly suited to Australian conditions.
  • Easy to install on new walls over a stud frame or over existing walls.

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With four stunning profiles to choose from, incorporate natural shapes into your next residential or commercial building and design project:

Channel – The EasyCraft Silhouette Channel conveys strongly defined channels spaced between unassuming plateaus. With 25mm profile spacing available in a range of board sizes, Channel makes a subtle statement to complement the scale and scope of any environment.

Cove – With undulating curves with dramatic ridge lines inspired by the unforgiving coastline and protective coves of Australia, Cove Silhouette panelling comes in 38mm, and 50mm profiles to suit a range of interior designs and styles.

Convex – Silhouette Convex is free flowing form punctuated by subtle uniformity. With 18mm, 35mm, and 45mm profiles available, incorporate the tactile nature of the profiles and light to produce organic shapes and shadows in your home or office environment.

Provincial Batten - The latest in the Silhouette range 

Need additional information on the EasyCraft Silhouette range of decorative wall panelling? Browse our range of profiles and panel sizes below, get in touch with the team or drop into your nearest BetaBoard location today for friendly service, expert advice and the best prices! With delivery available to most locations across the South East Queensland, it’s never been easier to install & buy decorative wall panels for your home, office or building project than with BetaBoard – your leading stockist of EasyCraft Panelling.

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