600x900x9mm EasyVogue Solo Wall Panel Primed Non Stocked Item


600x900x9mm EasyVogue Solo Wall Panel Primed Non Stocked Item

$50.05 Incl. GST (each)


Looking for an elegant solution that provides a luxury feel and formal aesthetic to showcase a feature room? Introducing the range of EasyAscot and EasyVogue Easy Wall Panels. With 2 distinct profiles and up to 7 panel types available, you can now create that classic and timeless look faster than ever.

With up to 50% faster installation times through the use of EasyCraft’s easyjoin system, improved impact resistance that is 300% tougher than traditional plasterboard, and no joint sealing or sanding required; The EasyCraft Easy Wall Panel system is an ideal solution for projects of all sizes.

Manufactured using all Australian grown species under the AS 4707:2014 Chain of Custody compliant management system for wood and forest products, EasyCraft is the sustainable alternative for both residential and commercial building applications including hallways, family rooms and bedrooms to restaurants, apartments, offices, rental properties and so much more.

Order your EasyCraft Easy Wall Panels from BetaBoard today!

Our EasyCraft Easy Wall Panels are pre-primed for easier final coating and are available in two stunning designs that provide that elegant touch and luxury feel.

EasyCraft EasyAscot – With an elegant and classic feel, EasyAscot is available in 4 panel types perfect for a wide range of applications: Dado L900xW600mm, Window L1200xW600mm, Full Wall L2700xW600mm, Full Wall L3000xW600mm.

EasyCraft EasyVogue – With a luxury and formal aesthetic, EasyVogue is available in 3 panel types: Solo 900 L900xW600mm, Duo 900 L900xW1200mm and Duo 1200 L1200xW600mm.

Have a question about our EasyCraft Easy Wall Panels? Browse our entire range Easy Wall panel sizes below, get in touch with our friendly team or visit your nearest BetaBoard location today for exceptional service, expert advice and great prices Queensland wide! With BetaBoard delivery across Southeast Queensland, ordering decorative panelling for your home, office or commercial building project has never been easier than with BetaBoard! Find out more today from BetaBoard - your leading stockist of EasyCraft Wall Panels.

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easycraft-guidelines-for-ceilings.pdf ceiling installation 242 Kb
easycraft-guidelines-for-timber-steel-frames-1.pdf timber and steel frame installation 257 Kb
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