Easycraft Easy Wall Panels Ascot and Vogue

Easy Wall Panel

Easy Ascot Wall Panels installed in a living room
Easy Vogue Wall Panels installed in a living room
Cross section profile drawing of Easy Ascot
Cross section profile drawing of Easy Vogue
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Easy Wall Panel

Product Features:

Ascot.Vogue profile with 3 design variants

Easyascot profile with 4 length variants

Hidden tongue and groove easyjoin system

Comes pre-primed for faster easier installation

Panel backing is primed to reverse for a smooth, end fill, finish option

High impact resistance

Consistent board surface, no knot holes, splitting or splinters

Made in Australia using all Australian grown species

Name Description Size
Easycraft Product Catalogue Sept19.pdf Easycraft Product Catalogue 6.09 MB
Easycraft-General-Product-Information-Installation-Guide-Oct19.pdf General Installation Guide 813 Kb
Easycraft-Guidelines-for-Ascot-Panels.pdf Ascot Panel Installation 357 Kb
Easycraft-Guidelines-for-Brick-or-Block-Walls.pdf Block Wall Installation 368 Kb
Easycraft-Guidelines-for-Ceilings.pdf Ceiling Installation 242 Kb
Easycraft-Guidelines-for-Timber-Steel-Frames-1.pdf Timber and Steel Frame Installation 257 Kb
General-Purpose-Safety-Data-Sheet-MSDS.pdf EasyCraft MSDS 637 Kb