Easycraft Easy Dado rails for finishing edges on VJ panels and wall linings

Easy Dado Rails

Easydado rail installed on a wall
Vogue dado rail installed on a wall
easydado rail cross section profile drawing
Vogue dado rail cross section profile drawing
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Easy Dado Rails

Product Features:

Traditional and modern designs available

Available in flat or rebated profiles to suit your project

Comes pre-primed for faster easier installation

Manufactured from finger jointed pine or MR MDF

Name Description Size
Easycraft Product Catalogue Sept19.pdf Easycraft Product Catalogue 6.09 MB
Easycraft-General-Product-Information-Installation-Guide-Oct19.pdf General Installation Guide 813 Kb
Easycraft-Guidelines-for-Ascot-Panels.pdf Ascot Panel Installation 357 Kb
Easycraft-Guidelines-for-Brick-or-Block-Walls.pdf Block Wall Installation 368 Kb
Easycraft-Guidelines-for-Ceilings.pdf Ceiling Installation 242 Kb
Easycraft-Guidelines-for-Timber-Steel-Frames-1.pdf Timber and Steel Frame Installation 257 Kb
General-Purpose-Safety-Data-Sheet-MSDS.pdf EasyCraft MSDS 637 Kb