EasyCraft Dado Panelling – Dado Rail Mouldings

Easydado rail installed on a wall | EasyCraft Dado Panelling & Dado Rail
Vogue dado rail installed on a wall | EasyCraft Dado Panelling & Dado Rail
easydado rail cross section profile drawing | EasyCraft Dado Panelling & Dado Rail
Vogue dado rail cross section profile drawing | EasyCraft Dado Panelling & Dado Rail
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Easy Dado Rails

Looking for the picture perfect finish for your EasyVJ, EasyRegency, or EasyAscot EasyCraft wall installations? Introducing the EasyCraft Dado Panelling system. Available with both a flat and rebated profile, Dado rebated offers a professional finish to the join between the Dado rail mouldings and the existing wall lining, whereas Dado flat provides for a picture hanging rail feature that covers decorative lining transitions and joins.

EasyCraft Dado Panelling at a glance

  • Manufactured using finger jointed pine or MDF.
  • Rebated to suit 9mm EasyCraft panels.
  • Available in both flat and rebated profiles to suit your project.
  • True and straight dado rail mouldings.
  • Comes with a pre-undercoated finish that requires minimal preparation.
  • Suitable for covering decorative lining transitions and joins & linings installed onto frames or over an existing wall.

Complete your project with EasyCraft Dado Rail mouldings and find out why builders, tradies, homeowners and renovators alike choose EasyCraft for a range of commercial and residential building applications from schools, hotels, aged are facilities to dining rooms, media, games rooms and so much more!

Order your EasyCraft Dado Rail Mouldings from BetaBoard Today!

Our EasyCraft Dado Panelling is available in a range of styles and sizes to be the perfect accompaniment no matter the wall linings you are pairing with.

Need additional information on the EasyCraft Dado Panelling? Browse our range of Dado Rails below, get in touch with our knowledgeable BetaBoard team or drop by your nearest BetaBoard location today for exceptional service, expert advice and amazing prices! BetaBoard delivers to most locations across the Southeast to make ordering Dado rail mouldings for your home, office, or building project easier than ever. Get started with BetaBoard today – your leading stockist of EasyCraft Panelling.

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easycraft-guidelines-for-ceilings.pdf ceiling installation 242 Kb
easycraft-guidelines-for-timber-steel-frames-1.pdf timber and steel frame installation 257 Kb
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