USG Sheetrock Easy Sand Basecoat 20 minute 8.1Kg Bag


USG Sheetrock Easy Sand Basecoat 20 minute 8.1Kg Bag

$27.85 Incl. GST (each)


SHEETROCK® Easy Sand™ mixes up to a lightweight creamy texture and is suitable for acheiving a smooth plasterboard joint finish. The low shrinkage makes it ideal for heavy fills, especially around externals and bulkheads. 

SHEETROCK® Easy Sand™ is specially formulated for use in mechanical tools and for base coating plasterboard joints, internals, externals and fastener heads.

  • Weighs up to 25% less than conventional setting-type base compounds.
  • Easy Sand is suitable for base coating plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads when used   in conjunction with USG Boral Finishing Compounds.
  • Suitable for all 3 coat applications with easy sanding for fast smooth finishing.
  • Suitable by hand or mechanical tool application.
  • Excellent paper-tape bond with low shrinkage.
  • Check-crack resistance in heavy fills.
  • Choice of setting times


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Weight8.1 kg
Working Times20 to 25 minutes


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csr basecoat msds.pdf csr basecoate msds 160 Kb
basecote - basecote gold sds.pdf knauf basecoat sds 505 Kb
redibase sds.pdf knauf redibase sds 502 Kb
kna_basecote_pds.pdf knauf basecoat pds 352 Kb
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