Knauf Redibase 18Kg Bucket


Knauf Redibase 18Kg Bucket

$49.38 Incl. GST (each)


Readymix Base Compound

RediBase™ is a premixed, drying type base compound formulated for use in hot and dry environments. The use of drying type compounds in hot and dry conditions reduces the risk of premature dry-out associated with plaster based compounds.

Advantages include:

  • Drying type compound specially formulated for use in a hot and dry environment.
  • Premixed and ready to use.
  • Time saving – minimal mixing and cleaning of tools.
  • Particularly suitable for sites with limited water access.
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Weight18 kg
Setting TimeMinimum 24 hours drying time
Discounts apply for individual purchases of

3 or more


20 or more


Name Description Size
csr basecoat msds.pdf csr basecoate msds 160 Kb
basecote - basecote gold sds.pdf knauf basecoat sds 505 Kb
redibase sds.pdf knauf redibase sds 502 Kb
kna_basecote_pds.pdf knauf basecoat pds 352 Kb
kna_compounds selector chart_final.pdf compounds selection chart 1.22 MB
compounds-catalogue.pdf compounds catalogue 11.81 MB