Betaboard Lightweight All Purpose 15ltr bucket


Betaboard Lightweight All Purpose 15ltr bucket

$33.88 Incl. GST (each)


Betaboard Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound is a multi purpose lightly tinted compound suitable for taping, second coat and finishing coats.

This smooth lightweight compound is suitable for  use in automatic tools and is suitable for hand sanding or machine sanding.

48 per pallet


We are aware that faulty batches, which were sent for destruction, are being sold online from a location in Pinkenba on websites such as Gumtree and Facebook Market Place.

Betaboard will honour warranty on any product purchased directly from us.

Beware of any seller offering Betaboard All Purpose for resale.

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Packaging17 litre Bucket
Setting TimesMinimum 24 hours drying time


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boral all purpose technical data.pdf all purpose technical data 126 Kb
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boral finalcote msds.pdf finalcote msds 168 Kb
boral litefinish technical data.pdf litefinish technical data 135 Kb
boral litefinish msds.pdf litefinish msds 167 Kb
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