Rocor Stud Adhesive 5.2Kg Bucket


Rocor Stud Adhesive 5.2Kg Bucket

$19.80 Incl. GST (each)


Price discounts apply for the following individual sales.

3 tubs or more.

20 tubs or more.

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Packaging5.2 Kg Bucket
Approximate Usage Rate per 100 m² @ 450mm centres4.3 Kg
Approximate Usage Rate per 100 m² @ 600mm centres2.9 Kg
Discounts apply when purchasing quantities of 

3 or more


20 or more 


Name Description Size
rocor stud adhesive msds.pdf rocor stud adhesive sds 105 Kb
rocor stud adhesive technical data.pdf rocor stud adhesive data sheet 121 Kb
megagrip data sheet.pdf betaboard stud adhesive data sheet 411 Kb
stud_adhesive_sds_intex_megagrip.pdf betaboard stud adhesive sds 160 Kb
kna_premiumbond stud adhesive_pds.pdf knauf stud adhesive pds 166 Kb
premium bond stud adhesive sds.pdf knauf stud adhesive sds 499 Kb
kna_compounds selector chart_final.pdf compounds selection chart 1.22 MB
compounds-catalogue.pdf compounds catalogue 11.81 MB