Pro Plaster Pro Cove Cornice Cement 90 minute 20Kg Bag


Pro Plaster Pro Cove Cornice Cement 90 minute 20Kg Bag

$50.22 Incl. GST (each)


Pro cove is a versatile premium adhesive that can be used to bond cornice, fix plasterboard to masonry walls and back block.

Features & benefits

Cornice & masonry adhesive, back blocking cement in one – more strength in joints

Great adhesion and tackiness properties – confidence when applying long cornice lengths, no need for nails

Smooth consistency – easier application

Easy to scrape & clean off cornice – cleaner finish on job

90 minute set time.

Used for bonding cornice to plasterboard, fixing plasterboard directly to masonry walls or for back blocking walls and ceiling joints.

Price discounts apply for the following individual sales.

3 bags or more.

20 bags or more.

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Packaging20 Kg Bag
Setting Times90 Minutes
Discounts apply when purchasing quantities of

3 or more


20 or more


Name Description Size
cornice adhesive sds.pdf cornice adhesive sds 503 Kb
kna_cornice adhesive_pds.pdf cornice adhesive pds 260 Kb
back blocking adhesive sds.pdf back blocking adhesive sds 502 Kb
kna_back blocking adhesive_pds.pdf back blocking adhesive pds 162 Kb
masonry adhesive sds.pdf masonry adhesive sds 504 Kb
kna_masonary adhesive_pds.pdf masonry adhesive pds 158 Kb
kna_compounds selector chart_final.pdf compounds selection chart 1.22 MB
compounds-catalogue.pdf compounds catalogue 11.81 MB